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Fast food the healthy way

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Typical snacks lack vitamins and fiber.

French fries, burgers, pizza, doner kebab or currywurst have become an integral part of our everyday lives: available everywhere, served in a jiffy, eaten quickly. Fast food is practical and uncomplicated.

Unhealthy ingredients in fast food

The problem: Those who frequently eat fast food have an increased risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and cardiovascular diseases. Because the mass-produced quick meals are sometimes very high in calories, but provide little or no fiber, vitamins and minerals. Instead, they contain, for example:

  • unhealthy fats
  • often inferior meat
  • wheat flour
  • usually too much salt and sugar
  • often also preservatives.

Why fast food makes you fat easily

Instead of filling properly, a snack meal usually lays the foundation for the next food cravings. Because sugar activates the reward system in the brain: after a wheat roll with a meatball, we quickly become hungry for another burger. Salt removes water from the cells - the resulting lack of fluids also makes us feel hungry. And if you quench your thirst with a sweet soft drink, you will want to "more".

Can fries and co. Still be incorporated into a balanced, healthy diet? Can you even eat fast food if you have to watch your weight?

Instead of taboos: combine better

Delicious and healthy: Wholegrain rolls with vegetarian meatballs, plus lots of salad and vegetables.

The answer is: yes, fast food can occasionally have its place in a balanced diet - if you make it yourself from good ingredients or if you combine it wisely.

Top rule: Avoid carbohydrates from white bread and soft drinks! Eat plenty of vegetables or salad with every fast food meal. This works wonderfully at home with our recipes. But it is also possible on the go.

Tips for healthy fast food

  • As a starter or garnish always eat a large portion of raw vegetables or a fresh salad with low-sugar dressing or dip. This satiates, provides our intestines with the important fiber and prevents cravings from recurring shortly after the meal.
  • Bread or burger buns Avoid made from light-colored wheat flour: Light-colored flour contains a lot of easily digestible carbohydrates that drive up insulin levels. Whole grains that contain slowly digestible carbohydrates are better. Choose spelled instead of wheat.
  • French fries are made from potato wedges in no time: simply cook in the oven instead of in the deep fryer to save fat.
  • flesh Only enjoy in moderation - and if possible, as lean as possible. So replace the meatball in the burger with a juicy patty made from vegetables, nuts or pulses (such as peas). Top the pizza with spicy lean ham instead of fatty salami. Better to eat chicken breast or turkey schnitzel than pork schnitzel: Poultry contains less unhealthy arachidonic acid.
  • Particularly important: low-calorie beverages to take in. If you enjoy cola or other sugary soft drinks with your meal, you are drinking a second meal. The better alternative: water and juice spritzers.

Eat slowly and chew thoroughly

Fast food is also so popular because it can be easily consumed on the side - by hand, on the go while walking or standing. But if a meal is stuffed into it so carelessly, it is often heavy in the stomach. Those who enjoy in peace usually save calories because they can better notice when they are full. Thorough chewing also makes work easier for the digestive tract, because the enzymes in the saliva already begin to break down the carbohydrates.

Nutritional Docs Fast Food Recipes

Oven fries

Less fat - full of flavor: The fries are very easy to make and guaranteed not only to be a hit with children. They go well with fresh herbal quark. more


The recipe can be modified with spices, for example with curry powder or chilli. The type of tomato determines the color of the finished ketchup. more

Veggie burger with beans

Wholesome and tasty: A crispy quark and spelled roll contains a lot of vegetables and a patty made from kidney beans. So juicy! more

Spelled Tortillas

These tortillas, which are easy to make, are a complete basis for delicious wraps with various fillings. more

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