What are the average prostitution prices worldwide

How much does it cost to visit a prostitute?

Paysex can be a great experience that you dream about for weeks and months - or a terrible disappointment. We will certainly not come to a unanimous statement about what is "usual" and "appropriate" or "right" for you, because many first raise the moral flag and demonize this service completely - without ever having tried it themselves. To paraphrase Nietzsche, moral indignation usually consists of 2% morality, 48% inhibition and 50% envy.

In the "Sex for Money" service there are a multitude of different business models in which the experiences range from "A lot of money for nothing" to a hectic, goal-oriented number to ingenious, tender, wild, passionate sex, in which both are at their own expense come, can reach.

Remember that the vernacular under "brothel" summarizes completely different business models, which therefore also deliver a very different experience!

In the so-called "contact bars", which can often be found near the train station, paying for overpriced ladies' drinks is an important part of the business model. Here you will lose hundreds of euros before a woman is even ready to go to a room with you. Tip: hands off!

Laufhäuser (aka "Eros-Center", contact courtyards, walkways ...) are barrack-like buildings where the customers roam the hallways and the girls who stand at the doors of the rented rooms try to lure the men onto their mattresses. A lot is often promised at the door, which is then forgotten again after the money has been handed over in advance (starts at 20-30 € for 15-20 minutes). Nachkobern (for undressing, changing position, etc.) is widespread and complete shit is also possible ("Schatzi - hand traffic is traffic too - if you want to fuck me you have to add another 200... "). Therefore, keep your fingers off!

A large part of PaySex takes place in apartments (aka apartment booths), where either one woman working alone or several people can be found. With the solo artists you have to hope that their description on the web or in the personals in the daily newspaper is reasonably correct. Getting to know each other slowly and finding out whether you really like each other is not part of this form of paysex. As soon as you are alone with the girl the clock is ticking. For 30 minutes, the basic tariff is usually € 50-100.

When it comes to escort (if you order the service provider to come to you at home or in a hotel room), you should decide on the basis of a few (retouched) pictures on a website whether you are sympathetic. If you don't like it, you can't communicate (language barrier), or the chemistry isn't right, you can't just send it away free of charge. As soon as you open the door, the "taximeter" starts to run, slowly getting to know each other is not intended. Often 150-200 euros are due per hour, often in combination with a minimum booking duration of e.g. 2 hours and / or travel expenses.

The best price / performance ratio and a good opportunity to "sniff" are sauna and nudist clubs, which you can imagine as a mixture of wellness hotel, bar, restaurant, disco and leisure pool. You pay the entrance fee of 30-80 € (depending on the club) at the reception, hang your clothes in a lockable locker, hop in the shower and throw yourself in a bathrobe or towel. Wallet, cell phone, etc. come in a separate valuables compartment where they are safely stored.

Then you can first find yourself in peace, have a drink, visit the sauna, splash around in the pool, watch sports broadcasts, talk to the girls without obligation and, if you are interested and sympathetic, you can go to a room together. The service level is also significantly higher than with other Paysex variants, for example French kisses are usually included. Make sure you bring enough time and it is best to arrive in the morning or early afternoon - then it will be even quieter and you can slowly get used to the atmosphere!

Many girls in the club practice the valued "girldfriend sex" - like with a "real" girlfriend. Tell the girl you like that it is your Paysex premiere - most of them will then go out of their way to make this unique event an unforgettable experience. Do not go with the first person, but take your time until it "sparks"! In addition to admission (see above), the time in the room usually costs 50 euros per 30 minutes for the standard program (cuddling, caressing, kissing with tongue, licking, blowing & rubberized intercourse). Payment is always AFTER the session - if you want money from you beforehand, you are in the WRONG shop!

Depending on the club, you can expect over 100 girls who, apart from high heels, wear little more than a smile. Most women are in their early twenties and are of the "nice girl next door" type. These loll around on the plentiful sofas and bar stools. If you smile at a girl for a long time, she comes up to you and starts a conversation with you. The first caresses are already possible. Of course, you can also sit down with a girl who interests you. Don't worry: the girls WANT to talk to you and will keep the conversation going ("What's your name? "," Are you here for the first time? "," Where are you from? "," How do you like it?"etc.). The risk of rip-offs is relatively low - especially if you have read something beforehand.

The entrance fee includes food and (non-alcoholic) drinks "flat", so you don't have to buy champagne to be able to talk to a girl. Further important and useful information is available from Amazon in book form under the keyword "Paysex". The right advisor can save you a fortune in tuition and so much frustration!

But don't forget: Even if the guest and the service provider are often very personable, it is still a service. So don't fall in love with your playmate ...

See you in the brothel!

R. Driving