Is it necessary to market your product

Marketing for Business. Why? - markefit explains marketing.

"With us it works without marketing, it only costs money" you hear some entrepreneurs say. But is that also true? Maybe the company is doing well because it is already doing marketing (or at least advertising) without knowing it? And how much better could a company (which is not yet using marketing) possibly run if, for example, new customers and markets are opened up through an efficient marketing strategy?

If nobody knows that your company and your products and services exist, then nobody will buy from you either. If the customer does not understand what specific benefits your product has or does not know what you can do better than your competition, then you will hardly be able to sell your products and services. Targeted marketing is necessary.

To win customers or sell products you need:

  • Awareness for your company and your products
  • Benefits for the customer through the product
  • Advantage for the customer when he buys the product from you
  • Customer needs
  • Interaction with the customer
  • Contacts who can become customers

What can marketing do? Here are some examples:

  • Generate demand
  • increase popularity
  • Motivate existing customers to feel bound to the company
  • Clarify positioning in the market
  • Image improvement and strengthening
  • Make it attractive for applicants
  • Strengthen internal communication and team spirit
  • Increase the efficiency of sales

And how exactly can I use marketing? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Awareness for your company and your products: public relations (PR) and awareness campaigns.
  • Benefit for the customer through the product: Benefit argumentation is part of every customer communication, can be worked out by marketing together with sales.
  • Advantage for the customer when he buys the product from you: argumentation of benefits for your company, marketing develops this. This belongs in the profile, on the website, in brochures, etc.
  • Customer needs: Specific marketing campaigns arouse interest and demand.
  • Interaction with the customer: Formulate the call-to-action, what should the customer do, the goal is the purchase.
  • Contacts who can become customers: What does your database look like? Marketing organizes new addresses and qualifies them.

You don’t need that? I bet against it.

  • Do you present yourself on the Internet through a website? - This is marketing.
  • Do you prepare brochures, flyers or presentations for your sales? - This is marketing.
  • Do you offer support through a community or even on social media? - This is marketing.
  • Do you maintain a database of customers and prospects? - This is marketing.
  • Are you planning various campaigns to bring a new product or offer to marketing? - This is…

… exactly! Marketing!

Admittedly, this is now presented very simply. I want to show you that marketing is important for the positioning of your company and your offering, as well as for supporting sales. Marketing is, in particular, a service that supports the work of all departments.

Marketing should be part of your business strategy and your organization.

Yes, marketing costs money. Whether you employ marketing staff or hire an agency.

No, it is not right that it is not worth it. Marketing brings results and these are measurable!

For the past two years, I've focused on social media marketing in my blog. Today I want to start a series of blogs on marketing in general. I will explain some of the basics of marketing to you so that you can decide whether and how to integrate marketing into your company in the future. Whether craftsmen, freelancers or medium-sized companies - there is a suitable marketing concept for everyone to be even more successful.

I consciously tried to leave out the many English and also the English marketing terms. One or the other has crept in. Soon there will also be explanations on awareness, demand generation, lead generation, call-to-action, machine engine optimization, ROI and so on.

I would be happy if you can benefit from my explanations. You can subscribe to the blog or check back regularly. Feedback and suggestions are very welcome.

Your Maren Köppen