Should I buy an Apple or Samsung smartphone?

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm not an Apple fan. But I have to admit enviously that the IOS runs wonderfully smoothly. No catch, no stutter, nothing. Fully programmed according to the principle: "It just works". On my androids, I can have more control over the device, even without rooting. The rest is a worldview. The number of apps has now equalized, if the growth of the PlayStore continues like this, Google will have overtaken the competitor from Cupertion at the end of this year. Most of the free apps have Android.
Everyone tells me that I should definitely get a Samsung cell phone because it gives you a lot more options. The Android operating system should be better because Apple always tells you so much as a user. But these are just my buddies' opinions, I don't know that much myself.
Lennard Werner
I would definitely get an iPhone again and again: easy operation, beautiful design, easy handling. Everything is just right, I think. And the possibilities that I have with my iPhone are enough for me!
I've recently had both, and until recently only the iPhone. But now my first phone is the Android, the iphone the second device. Primarily because of the large screen. It's 5.3 inches ... And that's what bothered me most about the iPhone, the small screen. Otherwise, I really liked it in terms of operation and reliability. Since a big screen is an important point for me, it will stay with Android as well. I don't want to lug around a phone and a tablet, I'd rather have a large smartphone. An Android phone with a 6.35 "and 8-core CPU is expected to come onto the market shortly ... Let's see.
Since you only read garbage and prejudices about Apple these days, I would also like to share my experience:
I had a Samsung Galaxy S5 before and was, well, quite satisfied. It's not a bad thing. After I switched to an iPhone 6, I realized how messy, complex and unstable Android actually is.
Sometimes for no apparent reason the thing got really hot for me or I suddenly had a red screen while I was in WhatsApp or the Maps app. At this point I would also like to recommend this article, which does not really compare iPhone vs Android, but brings out the advantages of iPhones -a-android-smartphone /

But I agree with all Android owners on one point: An open operating system is currently only available for Android smartphones and I believe that it will stay that way for a long time to come.
In my experience, iOS runs better than Android, so even after 2 years it is still almost the same as on the first day, with Android you have more freedom, but you can
also break more
So personally, I'm a fan of Apple.
Of course, Android is very good too.
Both operating systems have advantages and disadvantages.
For example, iOS runs more smoothly, but Samsung can be partially (I think) "personalize" more .. there are secret features, you can also use patterns as code and even more ..
I think it's everyone's own. :)
I think it's just a shame that Android is badly done by iOS users and vice versa ...
As I said. Both operating systems / cell phones have advantages and disadvantages. I think everyone should decide for themselves. In general I like Android as well as iOS / Apple :)
!My opinion!