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Porn - also a way to finance your studies

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Belle Knox is making her breakthrough as a porn star this year, but her success isn't just based on what she's doing in front of the camera. After "the most famous freshman in America" ​​revealed her porn pseudonym on XoJane last month, she sat on talk shows and brought up Dr. Drew on suicidal thoughts. She danced in a posh strip club in New York City and will soon be the online reality show The sex factor moderate.

This career is not particularly surprising. Ten years after Paris Hiltons The Simple Life It has become almost routine for women involved in sex scandals to turn their ruined reputation into cash with the help of reality shows and media appearances. But one of Knox's most recent activities shows a new way of self-marketing: In the summer she will leave her study books in North Carolina and move to Montreal to become the next intern at Pornhub.

Without a doubt, this is a brilliant move by Pornhub (the announcement of the new employee alone will bring the porn company public). Knox's motives, on the other hand, are less clear. The internship at Pornhub turned the first two interns into short-term internet stars. They were offered a platform to establish themselves long-term as social media marketer, but Knox does not need new networks or money. Unlike other students who have been looking for an internship for the summer, she already has a well-paid job.

While Knox told the Daily Dot that Pornhub is boosting sales for other porn companies, industry insiders believe the site is promoting piracy. Knox is not entirely wrong - most porn studios advertise on video sites like Pornhub - but at the moment they can't afford this kind of discussion. Her new reputation and promotional deals have aroused the resentment of many porn fellows — the industry is highly competitive and few performers manage to make a name for themselves and make money. In a harsh essay, one actress, Belle Noir, blasphemed that Knox was late for a shoot, claiming, "On most sets, Knox was tyrannical and rude to the cast and staff."

So, did Knox pick a job at Pornhub because she's a naive 18-year-old who signs every contract she gets her hands on and destroys future options in the process? Or, like other interns, does she see the job as an opportunity to advance her own career? To answer these questions, I gave her a call.

VICE: How did you get the internship?
Belle Knox: I saw that I was number one on Pornhub - I was the most viewed actress - and contacted her about a promotional offer. They answered me and said, “Great idea, but even more we'd like to teach you more about business, advertising, publicity and social media marketing.” That's how they offered me an internship.

Did you accept because you wanted to reorient yourself towards the work behind the scenes? Or do you think that the internship will teach you things that can help you develop your brand?
Knowing the ins and outs of the business will help me become a more successful business woman. I have a line of sex toys coming out soon, so I think it's really good when I know how to promote my brand. But my goal has always been to become a lawyer, and that's what I'm sticking to.

What do you think of the allegations that Pornhub is bad for the porn industry?
If you look at the website, you can see that Pornhub partners with a lot of porn companies. Most of the major porn companies have partnered with Pornhub to run their ads on the website. From what I've read, there is no connection between the free video sites and the fact that people don't want to sign up for porn sites. It's like dessert after the main course. It brings them public because you want to watch a few minutes of a video and then want to watch it all.

That's true. I bought a porn after seeing a trailer on a site. Does Pornhub pay you for your work?
Yes. I get paid monthly for my work. Unfortunately, everything works out for the university.

Do you pay the tuition, living expenses and all that yourself?
Yes, basically I take care of myself.

Do you get financial support or do you pay for Duke University completely out of your pocket?
I'm getting a small grant, but it's going to go away next year because I'm doing porn and I have an income. It costs $ 60,000 a year to study.

Is it weird to be famous and go to college?
To be honest, it's surreal. There are days when I wake up and can't believe that all of this really happened. When I went to my dorm today, I overheard a guy taking a picture of me. He thought I don't see it. But most people don't act any differently than usual.

Do you feel like you are leading a double life?
Definitely. It's almost like that Miley Cyrus story. I actually did some porn with a Miley Cyrus doppelganger by the way.

Do you think your women's studies seminars will help with your Pornhub internship?
I think Pornhub has had some issues with tweets with racist or sexist content in the past. That won't happen with me as an intern, I'll take care of that.

Some porn stars accuse you of only working in the porn industry to finance your studies and not planning a career as a porn star like Jenna Jameson or Asa Akira. What do you think of this review?
Very few girls want to pursue a career as a porn star. I know a lot of girls who do porn to make money or have only been in it for two years. They want to have fun and then pursue a different career. There really aren't a lot of professional porn stars out there. To say that I want to work as a porn star all my life is just ridiculous. If I were a porn actress who wanted to do nothing but porn, I would be stupid. I go to university, increase my options and try to build a better life for myself — and I get criticized for it.

Does your reputation give you an edge over wealthier students doing unpaid internships this summer?
Do I have an advantage? I am paying for my studies. A couple of college students have an average annual income of $ 350,000, so I really don't feel like I have an advantage. I think I'm very lucky to have this opportunity, but I wouldn't say I'm better off than other students at Duke. I envy those who don't have to pay to study because their parents pay for them. I really envy them very much.

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