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Burger King reacts to the corona crisis. The fast food chain is planning massive changes to its business model. What customers have to be prepared for now.

NRW - The fast food giant Burger King want to be concept revise long term. The branches of the future provide, among other things, that many Customers no longer have to enter the shop.

Restaurant chainBurger King
founding1954 in Jacksonville, Florida, United States
HeadquartersMiami, Florida, United States
CEODaniel Schwartz (June 7, 2013–)

Burger King presents a new concept - customers no longer have to enter branches

So the plans are very different from them Corona crisis hygiene measures influenced. Entertaining guests is currently still a delicate task with many conditions. Take-away options are there for both customers and customers Fast food chain comfortable.

That’s exactly what I want Burger King presumably also in the future, as the company does in a current one Promo video shows. How star reported, the chain’s branches will be much smaller in the future.

Burger King: branches of the fast food giant should be smaller

To be precise, a Burger King in the future will take up around 60 percent less space than current branches. They are designed to be a lot Customers you don't even have to go into the shops.

But how is that supposed to work in practice? So far, an order from Burger King has been made either at a counter in the branches or by Drive through possible from the car. So it can Fast food can be consumed in restaurants or on the go. Those who prefer the latter could visit Burger King will be more pleasant in the future.

Three lanes: Burger King wants to expand drive-through in the future

Because above all they should Take away options the fast food chain will be expanded. The biggest change here affects the drive-through area, which is the case with most Branches should grow. The designs of the "restaurants of the future" like Burger King names his design in the video, provide for two or even three parallel car lanes.

The space for the additional lanes should be free because the kitchen and seating are moved to the first floor, while cars can drive underneath (more current news about Burger King on RUHR24.de).

Packing station for fast food: Collection from Burger King should become easier

But it doesn't stop at this innovation. Also who has his meal in advance ordered by appdoes not necessarily have to enter the branch. Instead, the Burger King bags made of paper can be placed on an outside wall for collection in the future.

The accompanying design in the chain's promo video shows an area attached to a DHL packing station reminded with visible windows.

Video: Battle of the Giants: Who is Cheaper - Burger King or McDonald's?

However, there should also be the possibility to inform the respective restaurant that one has his Order would rather have been brought to the car when you are already in the parking lot.

"Restaurant of the future": The Burger King concept will not come to Germany for the time being

Consumption should also be included Burger King will be different in the future. On some roofed with solar panels Parking lots you can stop and enjoy your fast food in your own four walls.

If you want to get out of your car, you can use outdoor seating. Crucial for this design: The first "restaurants of the future" want Burger King Open in 2021 in sunny areas like Miami and the Caribbean. As the Design for Germany and what Europe might look like is not yet known.

Burger King adapts to trends from the USA

In fact, the new designs are meant to be Trends record that many fast food chains in the United States already implement. In the wake of the pandemic, for example, pre-ordering and pick-up is particularly popular, as is how star reported.

Last aroused Burger King In this country a sensation with its new offer: The new "plant-based nuggets" at Burger King are produced without meat, but should be fried in the branches with the chicken variant and are therefore not even vegetarian, strictly speaking.