What is the house price in Kuala Lumpur

Real estate prices in Malaysia

Number of entries in the past 12 months: 1,641
Number of different contributors in the past 12 months: 254
Last updated: May 2021
The country data is calculated from the data of all cities in the respective country.

By City in Malaysia

Ratio of property prices to income
Gross rental yield in the city center
Gross rental yield outside the city center
Price to rent ratio in the city center
Ratio of price to rent outside the city center
Percentage of mortgage in income
Johor Bahru7,683,754,2826,6523,3757,551,74
Kota Kinabalu12,933,223,4431,0129,06101,140,99
Kuala Lumpur9,823,774,4826,5322,3072,851,37
Petaling Jaya10,764,254,5823,5521,8282,161,22


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