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Apps / software Traffic jam apps at a glance - these are the best


Nobody likes to get stuck in traffic. But sometimes, construction work, an accident, or just a stupid traffic jam can turn the trip into a nightmare. To avoid traffic jams, traffic reports are often heard on the radio. But often you are already stuck in traffic when you hear the news. But with the availability of real-time navigation and traffic apps for smartphones, it has become much easier to avoid these traffic jams.

Google Maps

Google Maps is probably the best known navigation system available. Fortunately, it's also one of the best traffic apps out there. Google Maps is a free and easy-to-use app that offers a range of functions such as navigation, choosing different routes and even "exploring nearby places". Google Maps also shows you in real time whether there are any traffic delays on a particular route. The "Traffic option"shows you a color-coded map of all nearby roads. Red sections of the route indicate a traffic jam. If an alternative route is available, Google Maps will show it and you can avoid the traffic jam. Available: iOS and Android.


Waze is a free traffic avoidance app for iOS and Android smartphones. Essentially, Waze relies on data gathered from its network of users - in addition to live traffic data - to know which routes are running smoothly. The peer-to-peer infrastructure enables you to report traffic disruptions in real time and recommend the best possible routes. Best of all, thanks to Google's takeover of the Israeli app company, Waze is now leveraging the software giant's expertise to keep you moving. Available: iOS and Android.


The HERE WeGo app, which is available free of charge, enables you to plan your journey smartly. The traffic function tells you everything about your trip before you set off. You can see the cost of public transport tickets and taxi tariffs, find parking spaces and be informed of traffic delays on every journey. With this app you always stay on the move. HERE WeGo shows you alternatives when delays are expected. Live traffic and public transport information keep you up to date, so you can react flexibly to disabilities. Available: iOS and Android.

TomTom GO Navigation

You probably know TomTom as a manufacturer of navigation devices. But there is also an app: TomTom GO Navigation. This gives you information on current traffic reports and traffic jams. The app receives driving data from millions of users and enables you to be informed of traffic jams on your route in good time. You will then be given alternative routes that not only save you time, but also keep you away from the hassle of traffic jams. The app has one drawback, however: the first 75 km of navigation are free, after which you have to take out a subscription of € 12.99 per year. Available: iOS and Android.