What is the cure for male infertility

Effects of cannabis : A joint to multiply?

Doctors and health researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston had expected different results: Their study, they believed, would confirm previous research that appeared to have negative effects on fertility from cannabis. It emerged, however, that moderate joint smoking - about two per week - was actually positively linked to two markers of male fertility: They found more sperm per milliliter (63 million on average compared to 45 million in men who had never smoked cannabis) and more Testosterone in the blood.

Smoking weed in moderation

The data published in the specialist magazine “Human Reproduction” come from 662 men who sought help at the clinic's fertility center between 2000 and 2017. Previous studies, which almost consistently showed a harmful effect on fertility, had mostly been carried out with fewer subjects, and most of them were also rather heavy cannabis users. In the latest study, on the other hand, mainly casual and former stoners came together.

However, the scientists warn against deriving a causal relationship. According to the lead author Feiby Nassan, there could be this because it is known that the endocannabinoid system on which cannabis acts plays a role in male fertility.

Are partners also more likely to get pregnant?

A dose that is not too high might actually be helpful, while the effect would be reversed with significantly higher consumption of the drug. This would not only correspond to Paracelsus' more than 500 year old knowledge that the dose makes the poison - and also the remedy - but also the results of previous studies. But it could also be that men with higher testosterone levels simply tend to take the joint.

Testosterone and sperm count are also not the only decisive factors. And there are also indications that cannabinoids can damage the genetic material of sperm cells, but here too at comparatively high doses. Overall, the study's authors point out, far too little is known about the drug's actual, both positive and negative, effects. "We know a lot less than we think we know," said Harvard Professor Jorge Chavarro.

In any case, a crucial question is still to be answered by an ongoing investigation: whether the success rates of fertility treatment are also higher in couples who use cannabis.

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