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BYJU'S uses AWS to bring cutting-edge content to 15 million students

The challenge

Online learning company wants to keep learning and growing

BYJU'S has had a huge impact on the online learning world since its launch in 2015. Developed in India, the mobile learning app developed by Byju Raveendran - a passionate teacher and an entrepreneur by chance - is now used by more than 15 million students and has 900,000 paying subscribers. The BYJU’S learning app helps children to internalize the culture of learning independently and not pre-chewed and revolutionizes the way students learn in the age of mobile devices. The company's strategy combines world-class teachers, proven educational methods, innovative technology and data science to enable on-demand learning, personalized feedback and individual assessments for students.

To cope with the rapid growth of the mobile app, BYJU's needed to find a more scalable and cost-effective solution than its Heroku cloud platform. "When we launched the app, we saw a huge increase in user numbers within a few weeks," says Prakash Ramachandran, BYJU'S Chief Technology Officer. "It was very obvious that we couldn't have kept pace with the growth on Heroku."

In addition to scalability, BYJU'S wanted to improve its analytical capabilities. "We were very keen to get feedback from students on the educational content we were presenting on the website and app so that we could make changes if necessary," says Ramachandran.

Reasons for Amazon Web Services

Migrate to AWS to host a popular website and analyze app and web user data

BYJU'S has chosen Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the cloud platform for its website and mobile app. “Many of our team members have worked with AWS before and were familiar with the technology. So we knew that this service would be able to help us scale, ”says Ramachandran. “AWS is also very easy to configure. In just a few weeks we moved the BYJU'S website, our apps and a video pipeline to AWS. "

BYJU'S now operates its website and mobile apps on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances. The company uses Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for PostgreSQL as its primary database service and stores presentations and other educational content in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) buckets.

For data analysis, BYJU'S uses the fully managed Amazon Redshift data warehouse to analyze app and website user data through the company's existing business intelligence software tools. With Amazon Redshift, BYJU'S can evaluate student feedback and use that knowledge to enable a more personal learning experience. "In this way we can find out more precisely how the students actually use the app or whether, for example, they watch a learning video until the end," says Ramachandran. "Based on the knowledge gained from this, we can then adapt learning content more directly to the needs or preferences of the individual students."

Support 15 million users through scaling

With AWS, BYJU'S has a reliable and scalable cloud environment for hosting its website and mobile learning applications so that the company can scale up as the company grows. "We now have more than 15 million students who use the BYJU’S mobile app, and we could not have handled the associated data volume without using AWS," emphasizes Ramachandran. "As our user and subscriber base continues to grow, we are very confident that we can support and control this growth."

BYJU'S has already proven in the past that it can react quickly to traffic peaks at special online events. "For a recent event on our website, we were expecting traffic to quadruple, but what we actually saw was a ten-fold increase," says Ramachandran. “Basically, all we had to do was flip a switch, and we had enough instances on AWS to cushion that spike. It was really quick and easy. "

The advantages

Gain better insight into student behavior

With the help of AWS, BYJU'S gets deeper insights into student preferences and app usage, which ultimately helps the company create unique, effective, and engaging learning experiences for students of all grades. “When we started the company, we didn't have an analytics processing layer, so it was very difficult for us to get good analysis of how students were using the website and mobile app,” explains Ramachandran. "With Amazon Redshift we have a robust analysis tool that supports us in collecting usage data so that we can personalize the learning process of every student more effectively and provide tailor-made feedback and in-depth analyzes." For this purpose, BYJU'S uses the data analysis capacities of Amazon Redshift, for example, to Develop guided educational trails based on student preferences. “Amazon Redshift helps us make our content better for every student,” states Ramachandran. “By analyzing how students perceive certain features and courses, we can ultimately tailor the content they deliver to make it far more effective.” The company also uses Amazon Redshift to send custom messages to mobile app users who have completed them Courses based.

BYJU'S continues its innovation efforts using newer AWS services to develop solutions. The company recently launched a product in India that takes advantage of Amazon Alexa's intelligent personal assistant to deliver audio-based learning content on the Amazon Echo device. Using Alexa voice commands, students can get additional information on a specific topic or play instructional videos and games in the BYJU'S app. "We are very excited to be integrating services like Amazon Alexa into our new solutions," says Ramachandran. "As we grow our business in India and look for new ways to reach students, we know we can use AWS to create interactive, engaging products and applications."

This is BYJU'S

BYJU'S is India's largest education company and the developer of India's most popular K-12 learning app, which provides highly adaptive, engaging and effective learning programs for students.

Benefits of AWS

  • Provides a comprehensive learning experience that integrates classes, assessments, and personalized assignments, as well as detailed analysis and recommendations
  • Scalable to meet the needs of more than 15 million students worldwide
  • Take advantage of newer technologies to develop innovative new products
  • Uses deeper data analysis to personalize learning

AWS services used

Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) is an object storage service that offers industry-leading scalability, data availability, security, and performance.

Additional Information "

Amazon EC2

Secure and scalable computing capacity in the cloud. Launch applications on demand - with no long-term commitments.

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Amazon RDS

Amazon Redshift

Redshift powers mission-critical, analytical workloads for Fortune 500 companies, startups, and everyone in between.

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