Bitcoin is a tax avoidance system

That's not true

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> Everyone knows that Amazon is one of the big global players
> the European tax avoidance system

> "Double Irish with an Dutch Sandwich"

> use. The losses that have been reported for a decade
> are only losses on paper.

Balance sheet profit and tax profit are two different things. Lots
American companies show untaxed profits on their balance sheets,
which are somewhere in the South Pacific ... and then take the money
preferably for takeovers abroad. (That also promotes the
ridiculous amounts that have been offered lately ...)

> In reality, Amazon's cash assets in Ireland are likely to be around
> something like 7 billion USD.

You said it yourself. Other tech companies that are doing well this one
Scale, like Apple or Microsoft, like to do it as a
Profit _in a quarter_.

At Amazon, that "saved up" for many years, with two
Steps forwards and backwards ... It's strange that there are so many
Of all things, we shot at Amazon, where it was the case with those in the
In terms of ratio, it's not about much, while on Google,
Microsoft, Apple, hardly anyone seems to care.