How does an eating attack feel?

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Soberly, a binge eating is this: a person eats without being hungry and for whatever reason cannot stop. This sounds familiar to many people when they think of pretzel sticks, wine gums or the bag of chips in front of the television. As if in a trance, the hand wanders again and again to the nibbles and from there into the mouth until the bag is finally empty. That's why there are so many people who don't have chips and the like. buy more - "I cannot eat what is not in the house."

Is that already a binge eating? In my opinion this is the one Mini-Variant of a binge eating when the subjective level of suffering is kept within narrow limits. However, this blog article is about the Maxi-Go variant that is mainly known to people who suffer from bulimia or binge eating disorder.

A full-blown binge sees viewed from the outside more hectic and greedy than the chips trance scenario described above. Bags are torn open rather than carefully, the bites are bigger and the whole setting is less cozy. An eating attack can also take place when the refrigerator is open or in the car in the supermarket parking lot. The biggest difference, however, is in the Interior of the person concerned, whom I am naming Nina here as an example:

Mentally Shortly before and during the time, Nina can't think of anything other than food. She often thinks of certain foods, of which as much as possible should get into her mouth as quickly as possible. The thoughts revolve almost exclusively about where to get the necessary ration and where and when she can finally satisfy her urge. Her thoughts circle until she can finally give in to the pressure of eating. NinasFeelings can be described shortly before and during it something like this: indescribable inner restlessness - being driven - an inner tornado and at the same time inner emptiness that seems unbearable and absolutely has to be filled - bare nerves - an inner unknown demon that cannot control and subdue itself leaves - as if remotely controlled and not yourself. Physically It can also happen that Nina's hands are shaking and their tension is expressed in the face. Despite everything, it may be that Nina's environment does not even notice how she is doing.

If the pressure to eat slowly decreases after a few bites, your mental, physical and emotional state will not improve. Depending on how much Nina has just eaten, she will probably feel miserable and far too full in terms of stomach. If her thoughts were previously about what she could eat and when, Nina now begins to insult herself for the binge eating. She devalues ​​herself, is ashamed of her excessiveness, condemns herself harshly and asks herself how something like this can happen to her, even though she knows so much about healthy eating and a slim body is so important to her. Maybe Nina will find short-term “relief” by vomiting or engaging in activities. If she throws up, Nina will devalue herself afterwards and get ready. Perhaps her full stomach and the carousel of thoughts make her so sluggish that she remains completely exhausted on the sofa.

The last step in the context of an eating attack is for Nina to make a firm decision that this was her last attack and that she will follow her established, "healthy" eating plan again from tomorrow ...

An eating attack creates a huge level of suffering - not only for Nina. If you recognize yourself here, you should get help - and you won't find that help in the latest celebrity diet. If you live in the greater Bielefeld area and you can reach Steinhagen (33803), I cordially invite you to my next free trial evening on November 2nd, 2015. You can find more information here. If Steinhagen is too far away for you, you can also call me during my free consultation hour (Tuesdays, 3 p.m. to 4 p.m., 0171-9322762).

I wish you a nice, golden October and look forward to getting to know you.

Yours Julia Niewöhner

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