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Our Home Office Downloads: Organized and motivated work from home

Do you work in the home office and are not quite sure how to organize yourself and your tasks? Don't worry, we've got something ready! We present our practical home office downloads to you here.

If you have read our article “Home Office: Collected Tips & Tricks from the Odernichtoderdoch Team”, you should already have a top foundation for working from your desk at home. So that you can now also implement the tips and tricks, we have designed the list love set “Home Office” for you to print out.

First things first: the home office checklist

Before you move on to the keyboard, your home office must first be set up and your working day prepared. We have already entered the most important “must-haves” on the checklist. You will of course still find free fields for your checklist items and you can fill them in with the help of our tips and tricks in the blog post and download “Tips for the Home Office” as a set and put your ticks!

Plan with the calendar printout

A calendar should of course not be missing in the home office set! So you will find weekly overviews for 3 months to download and can now enter your appointments, online meetings and phone calls, edit to-dos and take notes. In the calendar you will also find a practical legend with which you can plan your working hours, short breaks and the long lunch break in advance. Because even in the home office you should set up rules so that you don't work too much or too unproductively.

Make yourself beautiful: folder spine DIY & Insta Story sticker

In addition to all the planning, the handicraft fun must of course not be neglected! In the Home Office Set you will therefore find a DIY for beautiful folder spines with a download template and 10 Home Office Story Stickers for Instagram!

List love for more organization

You can never have enough lists! In our case, they also motivate, structure and beautify the desk. In the download set you will find lists for online meetings and telephone conferences, to-do lists arranged according to priority and chronological order, a project planner to fill out and a habit tracker for all the little resolutions that you have time for yourself at home Want to do Office.

For everyone who prefers to do homeschooling instead of home office because the university is closed and now online, we have designed two super practical lists:

With the learning plan, you set yourself specific goals, set your priorities for the day, write down what exactly you want to learn in which subject and at what time, and track your breaks. At the end of the day you can then tick off the topic blocks that you have learned and internalized and the topics that you still have to repeat for the next day.

Of course, we have also thought of the online lectures and learning packages! In the set you will find a worksheet for lectures with an overview of the topics, space for open questions and notes.

Discover even more great content in our Home Office Set, print it out right at home and get started!