What screams I'm upper lower class

Distribution of income Why do you belong to the upper class so quickly?

According to surveys, practically no one in Germany believes they are among the top 20 percent of the population. Doesn't anyone want to be rich anymore?

“Being rich is associated with a stigma: You don't belong to the middle, you have set yourself apart from the top. Nobody wants that - but you have money. People compare themselves to what happens in their environment: what do my neighbors, relatives, friends have, what do I have. This usually results in the self-assessment of being normal - and not poor or rich. "

Which groups do we need to worry about?

“Above all about single parents and their children. The adults are under enormous financial pressure, have an average of 1309 euros. The children run the risk of not being able to take part in social activities. When money is tight, it is often necessary to save on children's leisure activities. Single parents need more than just money: support from their ex-partner, from the state. "

What about our retirees?

“Poverty in old age is currently less of a problem, but it should be taken seriously in this specific case! 14 percent of pensioners in Germany run the risk of sliding into poverty. In the general population, the at-risk-of-poverty rate is 17 percent, which is only marginally higher. In Germany, people who have 60 percent of the median net income of 1,869 euros are considered poor. But: This is a snapshot that does not take the development of pensions into account. And: If a partner dies, i.e. the second income is lost, things can get tight. Then, however, you could still fall back on saved assets, insofar as some could be saved up. "

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