Scott Adams is Trump the anti-Dilbert

"Dilbert" artist: Donald Trump is talented

Germany will not be targeted by Donald Trump, believes the prominent American comic artist Scott Adams ("Dilbert"). "Trump pays more attention than other politicians to polls," said Adams of "Welt am Sonntag". “He's the opposite of a political power man. He changes direction almost immediately when the public demands it. "

Under this president in particular, a policy directed against Germany is practically unthinkable, believes the 59-year-old: "The citizens of the United States are pro-German, and that will not change."

Adams ’" Dilbert "drawings have been describing the absurdities of modern office life for almost 30 years. In his blog entries at, the American has been intensively concerned with the rise of Donald Trump for a year and a half. In March 2016, he predicted Trump's election victory.

"The Most Talented President"

Trump was "by far the most talented American president we have ever had," said Adams to "Welt am Sonntag". The Republican is much more cunning than is commonly assumed.

"The people who speak and write about politics publicly are not all business people," said Adams. For them, much of what Trump is saying only seems random or stupid or dangerous because they understand little about professional negotiating tactics.