Are women drawn to the build of a strong man?

Which men's body do women find most attractive?

Have you always wondered why your boyfriend is approached by women every evening and why you tend to be on the radio? Do you just lack the courage and charisma to appear attractive or are there perhaps certain physical characteristics that women find particularly attractive? There are more studies on this topic than a dime a dozen, but they all have some things in common - certain parts of the body have a special charisma for women. Fortunately, these statements do not apply to all women, because every person defines beauty and attractiveness for himself. But it can't hurt to increase your chances and work on your appearance as well as your character.

Must haves

Broad shoulders and strong arms

Almost all women agree on this - broad shoulders and strong arms are particularly attractive and arouse their interest. They give women a feeling of protection and security. Because who doesn't want to just let themselves go and be caught? By the way, you can find the right training for broad shoulders here.

Class instead of mass

More and more men feel the urge to optimize their bodies and imitate idols such as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Contrary to assumption, women are more on definition and not on muscle mountains. So you don't have to pull a truck or lift heavy car tires to convince your future partner. Regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet are perfectly adequate.

Nice to have

** The KnackPo **

Which man does not sometimes catch himself with his eyes wandering almost automatically into the cleavage or on the bottom of the woman? But women can also take great pleasure in male bums. Psychologists have even found that women often derive all physical fitness from the man's buttocks. A firm bottom is your ticket to a promising flirt. From now on, squats should be a regular part of your training plan!

The classic - the six-pack

Isn't there a washboard stomach hidden under your shirt? Don't worry - a six-pack is not a must, but most women would have to lie if they say they don't find a big belly appealing. However, in most cases it is sufficient if the belly has only slight muscle bulges. Our special will help you on your way to steely abs.

Last minute

Of course, losing fat and building muscle doesn't work overnight, but there are also some upgrades that you can achieve in minutes.

Hairstyle & Beard

The beard has now become a lifestyle of its own. It comes in all kinds, shapes and colors and few know which beard should adorn your face. It is similar with the current hairstyle trends. If you don't know what suits you, these tips or individual advice from the hairdresser will help. Never underestimate the effect of a well-groomed hairstyle and facial hair on women!

Well-groomed hands and feet

The first impression counts. And since you usually do not run around naked, the woman assesses not only your clothing but also the parts of the body that are not covered. An often underestimated factor is clean, well-groomed hands and feet. The hands, in particular, are seen as a calling card for your personality and should regularly be given adequate attention. No need to run to the nail salon straight away, but occasional lotion, frequent hand washing with soap and clean short fingernails are essential. Your hands make it clear how you can get a grip on life - a glimpse into your soul!

Matching clothing

Clothes make the man - that is certainly no longer a secret. They reflect your personality and how you feel. But clothing can also hide problem areas or make narrow shoulders appear wider. Try out different cuts and patterns and don't be afraid to ask the adviser in the shop or a friend for advice. In addition to the popular uniform in professions such as the pilot, suits in particular have a strong attraction for women.


The first impression counts and most of the time you don't get a second chance. Appearance is certainly not everything, and if an acquaintance is to become more, the most important thing is character. But don't ruin your opportunity because the facial hair resembles a wolf or there are spots on the shirt. An athletic body exudes health, success and self-confidence and can be the decisive argument.


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