Support Trump, if not, why

A new president will be elected in the USA on November 3rd. Voters can choose between two candidates: the current Republican President Donald Trump and the Democrat Joe Biden.

Donald Trump has been President of the United States for four years. It is quite controversial because there are many people who criticize him: for the way he behaves as president, but also for the decisions he makes as president. What the critics don't like about Trump is exactly what Donald Trump's fans like about him and why some would re-elect him right now.

For example, some of his followers do not earn that much money or are unemployed. Some do not have a good school education or vocational training. They were often disappointed by politicians and previous presidents of the United States because they felt that they had paid less attention to their problems. Many of these people therefore find it good that Trump is very different from most of the presidents before him. So they have the feeling that Trump is one of them and not a detached politician who doesn't really care about people's problems and worries.

Trump did things

Also, some like about Trump that he actually delivered on many of his promises. In his speeches, for example, Donald Trump promised not to allow so many people from poorer countries, such as Mexico, to come to the United States and to control borders more closely. He also wanted to ensure that more people get jobs in the United States.

Another reason why people in the US think Trump is good has to do with the other party, the Democrats. Many US citizens no longer find this party good at all. They believe that only the Republican Party, which includes Donald Trump, will do what's right for their country.

Donald Trump is popular with some people in the US, but his fans are slowly dwindling - especially the elderly are disappointed with him. This also has to do with the corona pandemic and how Trump dealt with it. Many, especially the elderly, are afraid of Corona and don't think it's good that Trump didn't take the virus so seriously at the beginning of the pandemic. For example, he did not wear a mask in his public speeches and appearances.

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