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Hunt the Wumpus is a text-based adventure game developed by Gregory Yob in 1973.
Hunt the Wumpus is an early text-based computer game by Gregory Yob from 1972.
When Hunted Wumpus comes into play, each other player may put a creature card from his or her hand into play.
When the hunted Wumpus comes into play, any other player can put a creature card from their hand into play.
Here the Grunka Lunkas are inducing Wumpus berries ... to release their flavor, using sensual massage.

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Scrooge knows how lazy Rumpus is.
Dagobert knows exactly how lazy Dietram is.
I was trying to catch your eye during the rumpus.
I had amid the Restlessness tries to get your attention irritate.
There was another rumpus between myself and Caitriona, schoolmaster.
There was another dispute between me and Caitriona.
In their search for Rumpus the ducks are accompanied by 16 mosquitoes.
The ducks are on the lookout for Dietram accompanied by 16 mosquitoes.
I'll never forget that ping-pong table in your uncle's rumpus room.
I forget the ping pong table in the Party room your uncle never.
I think Al's remembering the wrong rumpus.
It was none other than the wailing Wampus Werewolf.
The wailing Wampus Werewolf is notoriously tidy.
A field fecal study of the wailing Wampus Werewolf.
The wailing Wampus Werewolf is real and ready to pounce.
There really is a wailing Wampus Werewolf in our wilderness.
You saw it, the rumpus room.
That year also saw the creation of Wampus.
[Bumpus] Male performers choking women, slapping women ...
The atmosphere was better than at every other marathon, stated Katharina Rumpus after the race.
The mood was better than at any other marathon, says Katharina Rumpus after the race.
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