What does information mean

What does “information” mean in the context of computer science

The term information was used in Roman antiquity by Cicero, for example, as the idea of ​​the gods “informatio dei”. With “informatio sensus”, Augustine derived the process of sensual perception as instruction and instruction. In the 15th and 16th centuries “informare” was used for the activity of notification.

The mathematician Claude E. Shannon defined the term information in the context of communications engineering in his 1948 essay "A Mathematical Theory of Communication". This gave rise to areas of science such as information science and computer science. But the disciplines of sociology, media theory and philosophy were also influenced by it.(1)

Let us now consider the process of creating information and knowledge

In computer science, data are characters that can usually be processed by machine. If these characters are in the context of a meaning, then structured data becomes information. Information becomes knowledge when people draw conclusions about connections through observation or experience. According to Kant's philosophy, this is achieved with reason controlled by the mind.


Information (through context "telephone number")08937432
Knowledge (through experience or observation: Munich has the area code “089”)08937432


In this context there is an Asian point of view that a famous Asian philosopher wrote (2)

Know the ignorance
is the highest.
Don't know what knowledge is
is a suffering.
Only when one suffers from this ailment
one becomes free from suffering.
That the one who is called does not suffer
comes from the fact that he suffers from this suffering;
therefore he does not suffer.


Source:(1) Alexander Roesler / Bernd Stiegler “Basic Concepts of Media Theory”;(2) Laotse

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