Sirius Black had a lover

Harry Potter fanfiction about Sirius Black having a daughter with Lucius' sister?

The question is a bit short, but the summary of The Blackened Desire (published 10 months ago by author Lilly) could fit:

She was Slytherin's best student, guaranteed prefect and head girl. She was Sirius Black's daughter, the niece of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy , Draco Malfoy's older cousin, and Hogwarts' redhead joke lover, George Weasley. Life sounded perfect to her, didn't it? But things weren't always like that. The story begins with Evelyn Black, a tight, high-class, bloody Supremacist girl, and George Weasley, the wild joke who didn't care about the world. The two combinations seemed rather strange, but still ... even after all these times ... it was still his blackened desire.

You said her mother was "Lucius' sister" so I guess she is dead. In this story, Lucius' sister was murdered - officially by Sirius Black, but the real reason is something Evelyn is investigating:

"Alex, I've been thinking. What if mom was poisoned to death?" I saw him roll his eyes at my theory and immediately pointed to the paper on which I had written all the evidence. The library at Malfoy Manor was the only place we could talk without being overheard. I'll be honest here, without Alex this library would be deserted.

"No, I'm serious, listen to me. The Aurors found a teacup next to her lifeless body, and even though everything in the house was torn down, the teacup was still intact. What if she was somehow enchanted ..."


"Evelyn, you know for sure that Uncle Lucius would not be happy if he knew you were investigating this again", I sighed and sagged a little before straightening up. My mother was murdered when I was two years old . When, why and how remains a mystery to this day.

Well, for me and my brother Alex, of course. However, the Ministry believes that my father, Sirius Black, was responsible for their deaths and the deaths of twelve muggles . As a result, he has been in Azkaban for as long as I could remember.

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