What is the NPS Net Promoter Score

What is the Net Promoter Score?

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) provides insights into what your customers feel and experience with your digital products.

This value gives the extremely qualitative feelings of your customers a quantifiable number. NPS is about a simple question: "What is the likelihood that you would recommend our company, product, or service to a friend or colleague?"

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Discover the strength of your brand with Usabilla's NPS question. By adding the NPS module to a feedback form or survey, you can understand what your visitors are thinking. Not only do you find out why a customer is speaking positively or negatively on your digital channels, but you can also see which elements have the greatest impact on the NPS so that you can take appropriate action.

This is how the Net Promoter Score is calculated

The NPS is based on the principle that the customers of any organization can be divided into three categories: supporters, passives and critics

Critic (Score 0-6)

Unsatisfied customers who can damage your brand and its growth through negative comments.

Passive (Score 7-8)

Satisfied, but little committed customers who are susceptible to the offers of the competition.

Sponsor (Score 9-10)

Loyal fans who will continue to buy from you, recommend your offer and ensure growth.

NPS =% sponsors -% critics

To calculate your company's NPS, we take the percentage of customers who are sponsors and subtract the percentage of critics from that.

Why should the Net Promoter Score be used?

Imagine how your customers navigate your website. From usability to language to customer service - it's almost impossible to express their overall impression of your brand with a number. However, NPS is an exception. By calculating the NPS, you have access to emotion-controlled data about the customer experience and find out the probability that others will recommend your offer to others.

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Here's how you can improve your NPS with Usabilla

Your digital channels are important points of contact with your brand for customers.

With a feedback solution like Usabilla, you can determine the NPS for your business by asking your customers directly. The result? You can express the impact of your brand in a specific key figure and make appropriate adjustments to increase the value and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Who is using NPS?

Many of our customers use, record and measure NPS as an important part of their overall success strategy. Just to give you an idea, below are some great examples of how our customers are using NPS for their online customers.

“Why Usabilla? Because of its duality of options, as opposed to the other feedback providers which are extremely basic in their functionalities. "

Gunars Vucens,
UX Design Manager,


“Usabilla enables us to continuously monitor and improve the customer experience on our website; we are able to identify issues and prioritize improvements in a quick and easy way. "

Pieter Honey,
Digital business analyst,