Why can't I see my bookmarked responses?

How can I bookmark a topic?

UpToDate® Online: The Bookmark function is displayed in the top right of the toolbar in the topic view. To bookmark the entry, click the Bookmark function. The gray outline of the text then changes to solid green. To delete a bookmark, click the solid green bookmark. The text turns gray again and the bookmark is removed. You can also use this method to mark calculators and graphics with bookmarks.
UpToDate® for desktop: To save a selected entry for later use, click Bookmarks in the toolbar at the top right. The bookmark's star symbol now turns yellow. The yellow star is displayed when this topic is accessed later. To delete the bookmark, click the bookmark again and the star will turn gray again.

To see a full list of your current bookmarked topics, select the Bookmarks button on the top toolbar.

UpToDate for iOS®: In the topic view, a circled star icon is displayed in the lower toolbar. Click on this star to bookmark the entry (note that the framed star symbol is now filled in). To delete the bookmark of an entry, click on the filled star, which then reappears as a circled star symbol. This entry is no longer bookmarked. Calculators and graphics can also be bookmarked.

UpToDate for Android ™: In the topic view, click the menu button, click More and click Add Bookmark. To delete the bookmark for a topic, click Menu, click More, and then click Delete Bookmark.

In a calculator or graph view, click Menu and then click Add Bookmark. To remove the displayed bookmark for a calculator or graph, click Menu and then click Delete Bookmark.

To view your bookmarked topics, go to the UpToDate home screen and select Bookmarks. To remove an entry from the list of bookmarks, click the Menu button, click Edit, and then click the X next to each entry whose bookmarks you want to remove.

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