How can I consensually numb my friend

A well-groomed and handsome young man, calm, matter-of-fact. The typical rapist, if there is anyone like that, has not been in the dock in the Bautzen district court in the past few weeks. And the act was not the classic knockout drop, as it may have happened from time to time in discos, although calming medication to disguise sex practices played a role.

The presiding judge Carmen Becker said on Monday in the grounds of the judgment of the Grand Criminal Chamber. And that was relatively mild. Matthias R. received a two-year suspended prison sentence for rape and dangerous bodily harm in two proven cases.

Originally eight cases were charged. At the beginning of the trial on February 25, the public prosecutor's office accused the Bautzen paramedic of raping a colleague five times and another woman three times. The latter is the 30-year-old's former partner, from whom he separated in October 2013. Nevertheless, both of them had consensual sex several times afterwards. Apparently she wanted to resume the relationship with him and he knew how to use this for himself. The deeds took place between February and July 2014.

The man allegedly forced his victim to engage in sexual acts and intercourse after giving the woman a drug called midazolam unnoticed and without her consent. In the rescue service it is used as part of the anesthesia, in intensive care it is also administered as a sedative. It requires a prescription and can override awareness and memory.

This is exactly what the man wanted, according to the Chamber: His victim should allow the sexual acts and even carry them out against their own will. In the first act in February 2014 in his apartment near the Friedensbr├╝cke in Bautzen, Matthias R. poured the medicine into a vodka and fig mixed drink for the woman, and in the second act in the same place in a cola and whiskey mix. Although she perceived an unusually bitter taste, she drank the dangerous cocktails. When she was finally passed out, Matthias R. attacked her in order to act out his sexual inclinations. The judge indicated that they were shaped by his strong dominance in sexual intercourse. "The more helpless the woman, the better for him," said Carmen Becker on Monday.

On the first day of the trial, the defendant had already given extensive insights into his sex life, which was determined by many female contacts. Among other things, he had also stated that at the time of the alleged crime in February he had not inflicted any injuries on his victim while he was anesthetized. The scratch marks and bruises on the woman's chest area would have been much more of a consensual sexual contact that both of them would have had a few days earlier. However, an expert narrowed the period in which the injuries occurred to the time of the offense. The victim's descriptions of his condition after administration of the drug also agreed with the effects of midazolam, which could also be detected in hair samples from the woman.

Matthias R. had access to the drug at his former job, the Bautzen rescue station of the German Red Cross, which has since released him. A possible third act against his ex-girlfriend could not be proven, since in this case alcohol and drug consumption may also have affected her state of consciousness. Matthias R. was also acquitted in five other accused rapes based on the same model, which, according to the indictment, he was guilty of against his work colleague in the summer of 2014. There, too, alcohol and hashish were involved. Videos that Matthias R. is said to have shot of these sexual contacts also show that women act independently.

In his favor, the court took into account that he did not have a criminal record and had been in custody since September 2014. Immediately beforehand, the matter was exposed when he - confronted by his ex-girlfriend with the allegations - admitted the acts in the presence of several witnesses. The prosecution had demanded seven years imprisonment for the rapes, the defense had pleaded for acquittal.