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Bachelor information on the first degree

The bachelor's degree is the first degree that can be achieved. So if you start studying after leaving school with a passed Matura, you will always start with a bachelor’s degree. You can find out here which different bachelor's degrees are available and what a bachelor's degree can do for you.

What does the bachelor's degree mean for your studies?

A bachelor's degree is obtained in Austria by completing a first degree at a university, university of applied sciences, teacher training college or other institution that is entitled to award academic degrees. These studies usually have a standard period of six semesters, i.e. three years. In certain courses, however, you study longer until you have your bachelor's degree under your belt.

In the past, these degrees were also known as Bakkalaureus or Bakkalaurea (Bakk). In 2006, however, the Austrian National Council decided that these should be replaced by the internationally more popular version “Bachelor”. If you can find a bachelor's degree, this equates to the bachelor's degree.

Academic courses leading to a bachelor's degree are checked and approved by special accreditation agencies if they meet the quality guidelines. The studies are divided into individual modules (= subjects), which you receive a fixed number of ETCS points when you pass them. These so-called credit points are used to make the studies more comparable. The amount of points awarded per lecture or module can also be used to determine how intensively the subjects are taught. A bachelor's degree usually ends with 180 or 210 ECTS points. After completing your bachelor's degree, you are entitled to take up a master's degree.

Depending on the course, you have the option of studying a 1-subject or 2-subject bachelor's degree. A 1-subject bachelor's degree is much more comprehensive than a 2-subject bachelor's degree, as only one subject area is deepened here.

111 universities and academies that offer a bachelor's degree in Austria