Are Python libraries written in C.

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Post Thu Apr 23, 2015 07:23 AM

@BlackJack: "Instructor" doesn't quite hit it, he's my boss from the internship.
He gave me the task and I told him the possible variants that would be possible. At that time he wrote the reading out of the DICOM header in C and developed his own program (I guess) from it. Now this function should primarily be integrated into my Python program. How I do this, whether using the PyDicom module or Cython, is up to me. But I also told him that all the variants are quite complex and would take a lot of time and there is also the risk that I will not get it right.

Therefore, the question was directed to you which variant would be the easiest.

Cython to be good in and of itself but the development doesn't seem to be easy for me.
I took a closer look at PyDicom but I don't really like it either, I just want to read the header and not display any images.
Swig sounded quite reasonable to me until now because you don't have to do so much, the only question is what happens after wrapping or how I can use it in the end.

Ps. Since I am in further training I don't have a direct trainer, i.e. in the internship, I just try to deepen my knowledge and when I go to school, programming is not so much value which is actually nonsense. We started with C ++ at the beginning, but since I've been doing my internship, I've also wanted to work with Python at school, but I'm alone there ^^ because neither my boss nor the teachers at school can use Python.

If I can somehow reasonably solve the problem with the Dicom header, I would be satisfied, and my boss would be satisfied too, because I made my own thoughts and looked for solutions.