Can I use another weapon?

How to switch weapons in Anthem - players complain of console problems

In Anthem, your javelin can equip two weapons and switch between them in battle. However, for some gamers, especially on consoles, the switch seems to be difficult.

Why is? In Anthem, your javelins not only throw their skills around, but can also carry up to two weapons in combat. Depending on your needs, you can switch between the two weapons.

And this is where the first problem arises: the game does not seem to explain how to switch weapons for some freelancers. Or the system does not react uniformly, which can be a torture, especially in a firefight.

This article was published on February 2, 2019 and was updated with the latest information on February 22, 2019.

This is how you change weapons and equip them

You can switch between weapons in Anthem during an activity such as mission, freeplay or stronghold. You can currently only equip other weapons at the forge in Fort Tarsis or in Launch Bay.

This is how you change weapons: Your javelin can switch between their two previously equipped weapons in combat. While switching between the weapons on the PC is done using the mouse wheel or the keyboard keys 1 and 2, it is a little more complicated for the consoles.

If you are playing on the Xbox One, you have to hold down the “X” key for a longer period of time. Players on PlayStation 4 press and hold "Square".

Why should that be complicated?On the Anthem subreddit, some players state that console input does not work consistently. Sometimes you only have to tap the button briefly to switch weapons, while other times you have to press it much longer.

It could also happen that the weapon changes if you press it too long, but then immediately changes back to the first gun.

This is how you equip weapons: You can only change your weapons, like your other equipment, before your actual adventure. This is no longer possible during an activity.

To do this, go to the forge, which is located in Fort Tarsis to the right of the platform on which your Javelin stands. Otherwise, you can also select the forge on your mission screen by choosing the activity.

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What is the community saying?

In the Anthem subreddit, some players find the current button layout awkward and submit their suggestions on how changing weapons could be made more pleasant.

It is particularly confusing for some freelancers that BioWare has chosen a different key assignment than in other shooters. In many games you change weapons with the Y / triangle key or with the D-pad.

This is exactly how some players would like the layout. For example, it was suggested to place the melee attack on one of the analog sticks so that the Y / triangle button would be free for changing weapons.

Another suggestion would be to create a radial menu for the emotes, so two buttons on the D-pad would be free.

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