What if I can't find my passion

How to find your passion

Each of us wants to find and live our passion. Nowadays, this is no longer a major problem. We have possibilities that we could only have dreamed of before. But with all the possibilities there are often other challenges for our minds.

Why is it so difficult to find and live your own passion?

Because your only focus is on money

One job will bring you more money than your dream project. Is safety more important to you than your well-being?
So what your heart desires is less important than a full bank account.
Of course we all need money to live. One more, the other less.

But this view is only useful in the short term. She doesn't have stamina as you will run out of breath after a while. You will be exhausted and annoyed just going to work for the money.

The times when it went that way are definitely over. Our social development is heading in a new direction. Each of us can reinvent himself and do what he was given as talent.
There are more and more entrepreneurs as the old system gradually becomes obsolete.
But those who like freedom and life will be happy about these developments.

What I find very interesting is that the people I know hardly had any money in their bank accounts and yet, besides their old job, they found the energy and started off with their passion.

In the last few years I have pursued my plans in a somewhat less thought-out and “risky” manner, but I do not regret it. I knew it was going to work and it did.

Because you'd rather complain than look for opportunities

You don't get anywhere as a victim. This is now clear to everyone.
Everyone has different circumstances and one copes with them and the other just doesn't. There are people who take pride in telling everyone why this and that doesn't work and how unfair life is. And there are people who are hit even harder and still make the most of every opportunity and not lose the positive point of view.

Is your boss to blame for the fact that you cannot concentrate on the search for your passion? Your place of residence is not the right one and does not bring the right possibilities with it? Your friends or family don't want it?

I was at that point myself and can clearly say that it is the most irresponsible attitude one can have. I had the feeling that nothing was in my hand and that only external things were to be blamed for my situation. Everyone was responsible for my situation, just not me.
The thing is, if you think everyone but you is to blame for your situation, you will not move forward. Nothing will change. Everything stays as it is because you made the decision to do so.

It only works when you take your life into your own hands. There are people who have been in much worse circumstances and still have mastered it. This only worked because they knew they could transform their own lives no matter what the circumstances. This certainly requires strength, but when the will is there, there are always ways and possibilities.

Even if you can't change the circumstances, each time you decide how to react to a problem!

Because you believe that someone is serving you your passion on a golden platter

Years ago, during my studies, I often sat on the couch in a bathrobe and wished to know what I want from this life. I was passive, bored, and didn't know how to move forward.

I wish someone would come along and tell me what I would enjoy and what I can live on at the same time. But somehow nobody came along. So I spent even more time in my bathrobe.

It was only when I started to act, motivated myself to do a few things differently, that things gradually changed. Because only when we do something differently can something change and only then can the correct information leak through to us.

We also have to look to the right and to the left. Otherwise we walk around with blinkers and wonder why we don't know what we want from this life. You have to go out, meet other people, visit places and countries that are still unknown to you. Reading books, attending workshops, doing more sports, going for a walk. Just get out of the old comfort zone and into life.

Because every time someone does something cool, you believe that it's your passion too

I know that too. I took the whole range with me.
That doesn't have to be bad, as you can also have many talents and thus vary your interests. As long as it comes from you, there is nothing wrong with it.

The whole thing about passion and dreams can be bloody messy and wonderful at the same time, and all because dreams are so contagious.
It can be a great thing, but at the same time damn misleading, to distinguish your dreams and passions from those of others.

Our society is bombarded with dreams every day. Magazines, advertisements, films, and novels all want us to buy their dream and hold it ours. In doing so, you lose your own dream and they make a profit with it.

I have found myself on the wrong path so many times that I believed that other people's dreams were mine too. Sometimes it took me a little longer to realize it and other times it went really smoothly. It was never my dream to work in the office or to study management. It is right for some, but not for others. If it's right, you will feel it. Most of the time you will be full of energy and happy. If it is not your passion, you will feel energized and bored. And then it's time to question the way you live.

So it is sometimes wise to stop and wonder if the dreams are really your own.

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