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Translation of "Filipino" in German

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Filipino Filipino Filipino Thai Philippines
Languages ​​spoken are Filipino (local language) and English.
Our staff speaks Filipino (National language) and English.
Finally, as an additional source of information, the data provided by the Filipino authorities were used.
After all, those of the Filipino Data made available to authorities were used as an additional source of information.
Mr President, for eight months now, Greek and Filipino Sailors have been held by the Pakistani authorities.
For eight months now, Greek and Filipino Seafarers detained by the Pakistani authorities.
The sole and only victims of this unfortunate incident were the Greek and Filipino seamen.
The only victims of this unfortunate incident were the Greek and Filipino Sailors.
Then they end up in the Filipino jungle, though.
thesis Filipino marines thought they attacked the Abu Sayyaf.
Jayson Zabate is a Filipino hacker.
So I'm donating all of these old shoes to poor Filipino orphans.
In 1985, the Filipino bishops had already requested their own Marian Year from Rome.
As early as 1985 they had Filipino Bishops specifically asked Rome for a Marian Year.
March 2 - Melchora Aquino, Filipino revolutionary hero (b.
It's been all over Filipino radio for years.
For 50 years the Filipino people has been fighting for its liberation from imperialism in an organized way.
This has been fighting for 50 years Filipino People organized for their liberation from imperialism.
But the early Filipino prices were just too glad to wear these vestments.
But the first Filipino Priests were only too happy to take up these European forms of clothing.
We must continue to send Filipino Sisters to foreign missions.
The community should continue Filipino Send sisters to the foreign missions of the congregation.
Nannies may be Egyptian, but also could be Sudanese, Ethiopian, Nigerian, Filipino or Indonesian.
Nannies can be Egyptian, but could also be Sudanese, Ethiopians, Nigerians, Filipino or be Indonesian.
But GIZ had established contact with the Filipino community here.
But GIZ was in contact with Filipino Community made here.
Veronica Filipino Escort Makes Some Extra Cash Des ...
He is a poet among Filipino filmmakers, who work outside the commercial film industry.
He is the poet among them Filipino Filmmakers who work outside the commercial cinema industry.
Two-thirds of Filipino migrant workers are women.
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