Why do we have to value money

Can you buy positive Amazon reviews?

Not with the club of (independent) product testers. Our product testers test the products made available to them and then evaluate them internally. Some testers also publish their product reviews on popular platforms such as Amazon, blogs, Facebook or eBay, but we have no influence on where or when a tester posts a product review finally published. The product tester can either keep the tested product (the rule) or return it after the test. In both cases, it does not matter whether the reviews were positive or negative.

Can you buy positive eBay reviews?

With money you can buy a lot, certainly also positive eBay reviews, but sooner or later this falls on your feet. We have honest product tests by honest product testers who give their honest opinion on products. As part of a product test, we support our product testers in publishing their reviews on eBay.

How much time do the testers have?

The testers must evaluate a product internally 30 days after receipt.

Are there any costs to testers?

No, not even if you have to return the test products. In this case, the product testers will receive appropriate return slips.

Where do the products come from?

The products come from our members (authors / publishers, studios, manufacturers, dealers, brand owners, etc.).

Are product testers paid for their reviews or pressured to write beneficial reviews?


Do product testers receive products before they are released?

Yes, some clients test products before they are released so that quality management has important feedback from the target group before they are launched.

What does a test cost for clients?

Clients pay for the implementation of a product test plus the monthly membership fee i. H. v. 149, - EUR depending on the booked review package between 15, - and 32, - EUR per submitted review.

Do the products to be tested have a guarantee?

The products to be tested are regularly pre-production models or even prototypes. Both of these do not have to mean that the quality is therefore worse than that of the series product, but this cannot be guaranteed. Therefore there is generally no guarantee for test products provided.

Aren't reviews of products that are "given" fundamentally falsified?

Our product testers are encouraged to give their true and unvarnished opinion on each product as a review.

Are product testers allowed to sell or give away the products received after the test?

No. Even if the products pass into the possession of the product testers, they remain the property of the client. Therefore, the product tester may neither give away nor sell products that he is allowed to keep. If the product tester would like to dispose of such a device, he is obliged to contact us and either send the device back to us with the return slip provided or to properly recycle it.

How are the products distributed among the product testers?

The distribution takes place exclusively by lot. All testers have the same chance of winning.

What requirements do you have to meet in order to become a member of the club of independent product testers?

  1. A publicly accessible review profile with at least one 6 month old review
  2. Min. 20 helpful reviews
  3. Reviews written throughout in understandable German

Can product testers also apply if all requirements are not met?

Yes it is possible. Assuming a convincing review history, we also regularly accept product testers whose oldest rating is less than 6 months old.

Are there negative repercussions for the tester if you publish a negative review?


Can clients influence product testers in any way?

No. All test products are delivered to us by the clients and distributed by us to the product testers. Clients have no contact with the product testers and have no influence on the product reviews by the product testers.

How many products can a product tester test?

Each tester can test four products at the same time. If a tester has four products in the test and would like to test another product, he must first give a rating for a product.

What happens if a product tester doesn't give a review on time?

If a tester fails to submit a rating within 30 days, we reserve the right to take legal action.

How can you hire Amazon Vine?

If you want to commission Amazon VINE, please get in touch with your Amazon contact person. If you do not have a contact person at Amazon and Amazon does not offer you Amazon VINE unsolicited, you very likely do not belong to the selected group of customers.

What can I expect as a product tester?

You can find a description of what to expect and what requirements you have to meet as a product tester in our overview "How do I become a product tester?"

How can I generate Amazon and eBay ratings?

As a member of the product testers' club, you have access to our system and can then create product tests. It is entirely up to you which and how many products (between 3 and 15 items per test) you want to include in the test. After a short review of the created tests, send us the products and we will open the application phase for our 10,000+ testers. The products are distributed by lot between the applicants and sent by us. After receiving their test product, the testers have 30 days to submit their review for you to see in our system. The testers are also free to publish their rating on common e-commerce platforms such as eBay, Amazon, otto.de or real.de.