How does university sports work

frequently asked Questions

The minimum age for participation in university sports courses is usually 18 years. The following rules apply to the participation of minors:

1. Children under 16 years of age

Children and young people up to the age of 16 are generally not allowed to participate in university sports. Exceptions with regard to sole participation are the separately designated children's sports groups as part of the FamFIT offer of university sports. Here, the parents must register with the status of the parents.

2. Participants between the ages of 16 and 17 - including enrolled students

Adolescents aged 16-17 years require the consent of their legal guardian, as stated below, in order to participate. Participation can be denied by university sports if there are reasons related to the person or behavior of the young person or the specific requirements of the offer / sport of the event speak against participation. Pupils pay the price of tariff group 1 in accordance with the university sports participation conditions.

Training in the university sports fitness clubs is only permitted from the age of 18. Bringing younger wards is not permitted.

In any case there is one Declaration of consent to be filled out.