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The first link seems out of date, although it also leads to Yahoo Help. I was able to delete the utanet address (i.e. there are no more error messages), but it was not possible to set up a new address because the "forward" field is inactive

Update: Yahoo disables forwarding
Yahoo has switched off the automatic forwarding of mails. Users who have already set up the forwarding can continue to use it, but a new set-up is currently not possible. Alternatively, try the following:
Some providers, for example Gmail, Microsoft Web Mail and GMX, offer so-called collection services. This allows you to access e-mails from other accounts by giving the provider the appropriate access data.
If you use a mail client such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Windows 10 Mail, you can access mail from several providers at the same time and manage them on one interface.

Set up forwarding for Yahoo Mail
Log into Yahoo Mail and hover your mouse pointer over the gear icon in the top right corner. Click on "Settings".
Now click in the left side menu on "Accounts".
Then select the edit button, which is located next to the entry "Yahoo! Account". There you mark the function "Forward" and enter the desired destination address in the next field.
You can also choose to forward only, save and forward, or save, forward and mark as read messages. With the latter two options, the emails also remain in your Yahoo inbox. Confirm your settings with "Save".
You will now receive a confirmation email to the address given. Click on the confirmation link contained in it to complete the setup of the forwarding.
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