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Is there an e-commerce solution that can be integrated into a multichannel marketplace?

Multi channel e-commerce marketplace

The E -Commerce- Marketplace is a need in today's business world. So if you run a business and don't get it online this way, you lose a lot of sales, which is why almost every large offline retailer these days is adding online commerce or ecommerce - commerce as another sales channel. Even in your local area, you can see online retailers like Amazon eBay Flipkart Snapdeal and many more fill your daily shopping experience.

Nowadays it is not enough to have an ecommerce store. In order to increase sales, you need to have different sales channels. We will discuss different sales channels. Or you can name omni-channel sales that any store owner can use to increase their sales and revenue.

Every commerce store should run as an e-commerce marketplace

As I said, every ecommerce store should be run as a marketplace and that's not a fashion, it's the need of the day. You can check online that every major website that I claim every commerce website exists is a marketplace. Either Amazon eBay or Alibaba clone with Magento.

What is the benefit of running your ecommerce store as a marketplace? There are many that I will explain one by one

High traffic - There are many vendors in a market who are responsible for adding products. This means that your shop has a large number of products due to the large number of providers. That way, there is a chance that buyers can also look for numerous options; Engines like Google or Yahoo will bring a lot of organic traffic to your website as each product creates a new URL.

Since the seller also benefits from the fact that he sells his items in your shop, he also shares the link about the ecosystem there via social media. This also increases the regular traffic to your website and ultimately leads to more sales

Alternative way to get more profit

Shopkeepers can use Commissions make more profit. If you run an eCommerce marketplace, as the store owner, you can set a percentage of commissions on every sale. Let's say a buyer made a $ 100 purchase and there is a $ 20 commission so you can imagine the store admin getting $ 20 on every purchase.

The administrator can also use a Membership Marketplace set up for this type of marketplace. The administrator can create multiple seller groups and the administrator can calculate the seller build for their group. So let's say you run an online marketplace and your membership level is a free membership in silver and gold.The basic membership fee is $ 10 per month, $ 20 for silver, and $ 30 for gold. Dollars a month. This is also how a shopkeeper or marketplace owner can make a profit.

The Marketplace Store Manager can also sell ads or featured products as a different profit method, so you can imagine that there are several ways to get more profit from running a marketplace

Mobile commerce as a further sales channel

Mobile commerce is a mainstream trading channel nowadays, and in many countries mobile trading has prevailed especially in Asia and Africa, where mobile penetration is much higher compared to desktop.

There are various other advantages of mobile trading like Push notification , Availability, promotions. We offer mobile apps for retailers and marketplaces.

Integration with other marketplaces

Selling in multiple markets is obviously a boon for today. To take So we to, supplier A sells in a market and the same product that he ateBay, Amazon or Alibaba sells . The main problem in this area is managing inventory on multiple channels, so you have to choose the platform very carefully.