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Loud Trump and his food

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    Wolfgang Fassbender

Lobster with saffron sauce and Kentucky Fried Chicken: These “dishes” show Donald Trump's relationship to food. Typical of this is his furore over a restaurant critic who tested the restaurant in his New York Tower.

According to all available information, the new President of the United States shouldn't have a particularly amorous relationship with food. Fine cuisine is probably not a real reason to be happy for him. He should be less interested in the “star-studded” restaurants in the USA and the trends in the culinary world.

He has been seen eating fast food several times. Praising Big Mac and devouring Kentucky Fried Chicken Elaborate could also be an expression of its establishment rejection. The man wants to watch the common people or whatever he thinks they are, in the truest sense of the word.

Lobster, Shrimp and Chocolate

But at the official inauguration meal, according to American media, there will be no cheeseburger, no chicken nuggets and no deep-fried apple turnovers. After lobster, shrimp and the matching saffron sauce, you can expect beef with a chocolate-juniper sauce, followed by a chocolate soufflé with a cherry-vanilla ice cream. You could call it dignified, and at best the double use of chocolate is astonishing. Is he really a cutie, the new statesman?

In any case, he is not prone to debauchery when it comes to beverage technology. Even if Donald Trump does not drink alcohol, the other guests should not be left on dry land (in 2011, however, he bought a huge winery). It will be Californian, with Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and a sparkling wine that will be on the menu as “California Champagne”. That makes you sit up and take notice, because it could be a warning signal. Are now bad times for the producers of real champagne? Are French winegrowers' export opportunities falling? And above all: does sparkling wine go well with chocolate soufflé with ice?

Trump and the Critics: a question from Twitter

I answer the last question with no without hesitation. Even if I now run the risk of incurring the displeasure of the man with the strange hairstyle. It could be that the new president of NZZ Bellevue reads and gets mad.

It wouldn't be the first time that the man has been upset about my profession. It wasn't until December that he read the riot act to the Vanity Fair tester. The lady dared to tear up the steakhouse "Trump Grill" in Trump Tower. Lack of toilet paper, cheap-looking pictures on the walls, unnecessarily expensive ingredients for eating. Really, it has to be described as a slippage of what the magazine published.

Dumplings with truffle oil - what a shame!

What the colleague described did indeed sound repugnant. Dumplings with soy sauce and truffle oil - who would want to eat such a horror? Where the crostini were also topped with hummus and ricotta at the same time. The many unsuccessful exhibits of your meal can only be partially reproduced here. Mealy meat, an “approximation” of a Greek salad, over-cooked fries and completely unsuccessful cocktails represent just a small part of what Ms. Nguyen had to endure.

"Possibly the worst restaurant in America."

Tina Nguyen

It may be that the author exaggerated when she described the place as possibly the worst restaurant in America. But there is no doubt that this meal was not good. The pictures published by Vanity Fair prove it impressively.

Time to go inside? But where from!

A smart boss would apologize for all of this and offer replacements. He could change the chef or put the processes in the restaurant to the test. But almost-President Trump apparently did the opposite and dealt violently. On Twitter, he was massively angry about Vanity Fair. The criticism seemed to have hurt him.

Now you have to know that the matter has a history, a long argument between Vanity Fair boss Graydon Carter and Trump, which seems all the more piquant as the former himself is active as a restaurateur and in this role has already been criticized by the real estate mogul. The worst food in town is in one of Carter's restaurants, Trump once grumbled. So there is some evidence that a private feud at least played a role, that at least the headline of the gastro criticism was a return coach. Good journalists forego such polemics.

But I find it tempting to see that things are going well in New York, to discuss the “Trump Grill” for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung. After all, it would be a tremendous honor to be immortalized by the President of the USA on Twitter.

You can find the article from Vanity-Fair here.

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