Is life difficult or am I weak?

I am always so weak ...

Do you feel weak and simply no longer able to perform?

The resilience in old age decreases. A lot of things that used to work without any problems suddenly become really difficult. This can have many causes, e.g. a decrease in cardiac output and lung function, but also a breakdown of muscles resulting from a lack of training. In turn, a lack of exercise can be the result of pain caused by diseases of the bones or joints.

Overall, weakness is often underestimated as a medical problem. Often no attempt is made to systematically investigate the causes. Causes such as anemia, sarcopenia, depression, heart and kidney failure, sleep problems, malnutrition, lack of exercise, dementia, fluctuations in blood pressure, intestinal inflammation, rheumatism or an underactive thyroid remain undetected.

The good news is that the muscles in particular, but also the heart, circulatory system and lungs can usually be trained well into old age through regular physical activity. With the result that physical performance and general well-being increase again

In general, you shouldn't just dismiss your symptoms and blame them on your age. If you feel severely impaired or if you are concerned that something is wrong, you should contact your general practitioner or a specialist immediately. He will then know what is best to do and will admit you to hospital if necessary. For most diseases, the earlier you recognize them, the better and more effectively you can do something about it. Therefore, do not delay your visit to the doctor if you have complaints.

Author: Center for geriatric medicine