Dementors can die

Can Dementors Die?

I interpret what JK Rowling said that as many Dementors as they already exist, there is no way they can be destroyed, neither wizards nor humans, which means that there is no spell, potion, curse, etc. that can wipe them out. I assume that Dementors may die of natural causes. I suspect that the number of dementors in the world is draining and draining with their exposure to a supply of despair, misfortune, humiliation, hopelessness, etc. The less of these emotions you have to feed, the fewer dementors there will be.

I think it's analogous to depression as JKR himself says. Depression is a condition that can never be cured, but its severity can potentially be controlled through therapy, medication, and optimization of other external factors that make the depression less likely to be debilitating when it makes sense to do so.

Anyway, this is my take on what JKR said about dementors.


Even if it's like a mushroom, they're more like a single organism :)


There needs to be a Dementor Hunting Club in order to keep the Dementors rounded up and contained. Otherwise there would be no end. Somewhere there is always a supply of depression and despair in the world.


@ DVK - I get your point. But it is strange that they are able to take orders and switch allegiances (which may simply be due to their being loyal to whoever provides them with the most souls to feed on). They are like nature versus amoeba or something, lol! :) :)


@ Xantec - Maybe there is a department in the Ministry and there are wizards / witches known as Dementor Herders. Maybe it's a possible offshoot of the Inquisitorial Squad. ;)


@Slytherincess Dementor hats ... I wonder if it's something like Nerf hats.