Cold drinks relieve stomach ache

Stomach Cramps After Cold Soda Drinks - Why?

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  • Last night my husband lay flat with stomach cramps after taking two sips of a drink with ice cubes, cola, and some lime juice.

    So, he always gets really severe stomach pains when he drinks a drink that is a) carbonated, b) sugary, c) acidic and d) cold.

    I can drink as much as I want, nothing happens to me. Now I'm wondering why that is - so what is the reason that he reacts this way? Does anyone know or can speculate? Is there a physiological explanation for this?

    Is that an indication of hidden gastritis or some other illness?

    Does anyone know that about themselves too?

  • I think it has something to do with the nerve supply in the stomach. Much like "brain freeze" with drinks that are too cold or bites of ice cream that are too big.

    Is evidently predisposition. I know that my grandpa always had massive problems there, at least since he was an adult. Otherwise he was always absolutely healthy in terms of stomach, so it just seems to be a standard variant.

    Although - I just noticed that hubby doesn't drink ice cold drinks either. He always says he "can't drink this that fast". Maybe it's just more common with men overall?

    So take courage, hold on, be strong, remember where your help comes from.

  • I have had this more often lately with Cola ..... And I'm a colajunkie

    Solution I don't have any ...

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  • I know, (ice) cold drinks are a horror to me! Always ends in cramps, but everything is healthy.

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  • From my own experience, I can't drink anything, uh, wear it, because I wouldn't want to try any sugary ice-cold drinks. Could it be that it has something to do with getting used to it? From an evolutionary point of view, that's actually pretty stupid anyway. And some people are just resilient?

  • Even the thought of ice-cold drinks makes my stomach twist. It's even worse when carbonated. Doesn't the latter also attack the gastric mucosa?

    Well, I can't stand that either, even as a child I didn't like anything cold and I prefer to drink still water.

    I like Preschoolmum's approach to explanation.

  • Thanks for your input!

    I will soon meet a friend with a weakness for such questions again, if she can clear it up, I'll post it.