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Political foxes rate US presidents

Newcomers, winners and losers: How Trump, Obama and Co. do in the big rankings.

For the first time in four years, the American Political Science Association has carried out its Greatness Survey, an assessment of all American presidents - from George Washington to Donald Trump. To this end, the leading professional association of political scientists in the USA surveyed 170 of its members. They had to rate the size and importance of the presidents with 0 (failure) to 100 points (great).

There are no changes at the top of the ranking compared to the last survey. Abraham Lincoln came in first with a score of 95.03 points, followed by George Washington (92.59) and Franklin D. Roosevelt (89.09). Places four to seven are also firmly assigned to Teddy Roosevelt, Jefferson, Truman and Eisenhower.

There are, however, significant shifts behind this. Barack Obama made a big leap when he cleared the White House office a good year ago. It is viewed much more positively by political scientists than in 2014 and has improved by ten places to eighth place.

George W. Bush, who improved by five positions to 30th place, was also able to make up positions. For Bill Clinton, however, it goes down from 8th to 13th place.

The result is very bitter for the incumbent US President Donald Trump: He only comes to a historically low 12.34 out of 100 points and is in 44th and last place behind - behind presidents who started wars or who plunged the USA into economic crises .

At first glance, Trump's poor performance could have something to do with the researchers' political attitudes: a good 57 percent of the 170 participants are Democrats, 27 percent describe themselves as independent and just under 13 percent as Republicans. But Trump is also punished by the latter with rank 40.

Interestingly, party affiliation has only a slight impact on the rating. Except maybe for Obama, who is ranked 6th among the Democrats and only 16th among the Republicans. Trump does badly regardless of political views and ideology (liberal, moderate, conservative).

Because nobody in the history of the USA has polarized more than the incumbent president - here too, across party lines and ideological attitudes, as a corresponding survey of political scientists confirms.

They were also asked to assess Trump's first year in the Oval Office based on key aspects. While Trump still receives relatively good marks for his successes in the legislature and communication with the public, many are bothered by his foreign policy. Trump's embodiment of institutional norms is rated particularly poorly. From the point of view of the experts, he does not behave as one would expect from an American president.

Overall, Trump only receives 1.58 out of a possible 5 points for his first year in office. Even the Republicans and Conservatives among political scientists who are most likely to support him don't give him more than 3 points in any category.

Trump does not even appear in the list of presidents who could adorn the famous stone monument Mount Rushmore. For Barack Obama: 7.32 percent of those surveyed were in favor of the first black US president being immortalized alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt. That’s second place after all. By far the most (65.85 percent) were in favor of Franklin D. Roosevelt.

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