What is online advertising

Online Advertising

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Online advertising refers to the dissemination and publication of information, goods and services via the Internet. The Internet and the technologies it contains offer the possibility of addressing the user in different ways and with various formats. The advertising can be placed as a banner, audio ad or other visual and acoustic representation, such as in video advertising. The most frequently used advertising methods in the online area are banner ads and email marketing. Influencer marketing is also enjoying growing popularity. Compared to other advertising media, the Internet as a medium is a cost-effective variant that offers a wide range of options and flexibility.

Benefits of online advertising

In contrast to conventional advertising media such as newspapers or television, the Internet as a medium has the advantage that the reaction of consumers is usually faster and easier to measure. The time a user spent on the website, the reaction to campaigns or the click on advertising can be summarized in data. For a company, this has the advantage that campaigns can be tailored more specifically to customers, while the budget for advertising can be better planned. The measurability of the user reaction results in, for example, key figures such as cost-per-click, cost-per-lead or cost-per-impression. Furthermore, advertising can be individually adapted to the target groups through targeting. User profiles, like those on Facebook, play a major role here, in which information about the user is collected in order to tailor the offers to their interests. Ads in the advertising cosmos of Facebook (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger), Google (Google search, YouTube, etc.) or Amazon are standard in the advertising mix for many brands.

Due to the strong increase in the use of digital devices in everyday life, online advertising has also increased and is constantly being optimized. In particular, a focus on mobile use is of great relevance for advertisers.