What happens to returned items from Walmart

People who return items too often will be banned from Amazon

Amazon's return-friendly policy apparently has a limit.

Customers who return too many items ordered through the online retail giant may be banned from their website and their accounts terminated.

Amazon reportedly bans customers who make too many returns

May 23,201802: 33

Dozens of dissatisfied customers have read on social media after their accounts shut down without warning, according to the Wall Street Journal.

"Amazon has built an image as a very customer-friendly company and it has put a lot of pressure on brick and mortar retailers for its lax return policy," Wall Street Journal reporter Khadeeja Safdar told NBC's Kristen Dahlgren on TODAY.

"Customers have become very used to buying on the platform knowing they can return quickly and often for free."

People have stated that their accounts have been closed for too much income.

#amazonclosed here too that's ridiculous, no explanation, said I violated policy but couldn't tell me why.

- Chrystal Brigman (@ ChrystalB03) April 10, 2018

@LedaCMuir ID buy your book on Amazon, but IAM banned them from saying too many returns for them

- Michael Mashburn (@ mikesworld2121) April 25, 2018

@amazon - wow great customer service, so personal and caring! Do you even read my reasons for returning (like 6 purchases in the last year ... and that's too many?) And a replacement for something I NEVER bought? #BadCustomer Experience #onlineping #Horrible #Local #BoycottAmazon pic.twitter.com/2DY1qHmFka

- Claire Bochner (@cmbochner) April 17, 2018

Amazon is reviewing the number and types of items returned, with computers and televisions being a red flag, according to the Journal.

The company declined to disclose how many customers it has banned from making excessive returns.

"There are seldom cases in which someone abuses our service for a long time," said Amazon in a statement to NBC News. “We never make these decisions lightly, but with over 300 million customers around the world, we act when appropriate.

"If a customer thinks we made a mistake, we encourage them to contact us directly so we can review their account and take appropriate action."

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May 23,201802: 52

Amazon's return policy states that “most items have a 30 day return window,” but says nothing specifically about a ban on returning too many items.

Amazon isn't the only retailer tracking customers to combat return fraud, as others like Best Buy and Victoria's Secret also monitor people's behavior using a third-party service called The Retail Equation.

However, the type of online ping can generate more returns than buying products in stores.

"Obviously, when people buy online, they can't try things out," said Safdar. “If it's clothing, you can't touch the fabric, you can't feel or understand what you want. Online retailers generally expect higher returns than stationary retailers.

To avoid a potential prohibition on too many returns, retail experts advise a smarter approach by carefully reading product descriptions, looking at customer photos of the product, comparing prices, and considering negative reviews.

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