Why is Kenya poor

KenyaA Cage For Europeans

Utz Dräger experiences friendliness and beautiful nature in Kenya. The price for this: He has to live in a guarded residential complex, sees a country full of contrasts - and cannot practice his profession as a journalist completely freely.

DRadio knowledge author Utz Dräger has lived in Nairobi, Kenya for one and a half years. With his European salary, he belongs to the upper class there. He lives in a so-called gated community, a specially secured housing estate. He can afford it with his salary, in Europe he probably couldn't finance such a residential complex. But then it wouldn't be necessary either. Safety is a big issue in Nairobi.

Kenya is a land of contrasts. Poor people who live in slums and 800,000 people share 50 public toilets. They are so expensive that many cannot afford to use them. They then use plastic bags as a toilet.

"I toss the full plastic bag over to my neighbor. Of course, he does the same and throws his bags in front of my door."

Resident of a slum in Nairobi, Kenya

If Utz needs help, he doesn't call the police. He has no confidence in the government. His residential complex is guarded by a private security company that can be alarmed with a panic button in the apartment. Utz was stopped once by the police. He had someone with him who knows how things go in Kenya. The police wanted the equivalent of 80 euros, allegedly because of driving too fast. At the end of the negotiations, the car occupants paid ten.

Utz also got to know the beautiful sides of Kenya, the friendly people and the beautiful nature. But he now also knows what he has in Europe: You can eat kebab at four in the city center without fear of being robbed. And as a rule everyone has their rights here. In addition, Utz can pursue his work as a journalist unhindered.