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Brian and the Order of FarDa - Fantasy and Science Fiction in two volumes.

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Dear readers,
the large fan base of Chris Bachmann's books has already been waiting for it. The two-volume book that connects the saga of FarDa with that of Brian is now available from AMAZON. An exciting mix of fantasy and science fiction awaits the readers. The great thing is that you can read it even if you don't know the two previous sagas. A well-worded introduction brings you right into the story.
The world is now in a completely desolate state. Climate change has destroyed large areas. Drought in some areas, floods in others and terrible storms have decimated humanity. The democracies have long been destroyed. There are brutal despots who are only interested in power.
Most people have come to terms with it and vegetate more badly than right. But there are also some women and men who want to save the world and are willing, in the worst case, to pay for their efforts with their lives. You take up the fight against the overpowering opponent.
Unexpected help looms when a group of an ancient race emerges from the depths of the universe, who have had very similar experiences in their history. At first the strangers hesitate, but then they decide to intervene and suddenly it looks as if the fight for the earth is not completely hopeless after all.
But the despots who rule the world don't give up anytime soon.
Will there be a chance for a completely new beginning? Can the climate still be saved? Do the remaining people get a chance for a complete new start?

A very exciting story that brings together elements from the successful author's previous books. Parts of the Brian, FarDa and Syramon books play a role in this work.
As always, this book also refers to real problems and events on earth. In the next section you will learn a little more about the content of the two volumes and also about the author. click here to continue reading the article Chris Bachmann - Brian and the Order of the FarDa. →

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