How do I find a technical co-founder

Co-founder wanted: Where and how do I find suitable co-entrepreneurs for my company?

Finding a co-founder or partner on should be just as difficult in my opinion as it is on Facebook. The target group in this community of questions is far too broad, so that it will only be a coincidence if an offer or a demand is actually found promptly by an interested party on

Why is that? has its own internal search, but this is controlled by Google. From my experience, no user seriously comes up with the idea of ​​using's internal search systematically and, above all, successfully over the long term. For example, the search for "co-founder" yields around 250 results, the majority of which are unsuitable articles, such as the question of synonyms, definitions and other alien articles. The search for “co-partner” also yields over 250 hits. Also here, a lot of economic incidents and a co-partner, for example in the case of company insolvency, foreclosure or on the topic of say.

Most visitors enter their problem directly on Google and, for technical reasons, very often land on However, it is difficult or impossible for Google to determine whether the answers there are helpful and well-founded.

Conclusion: can definitely be used as an additional opportunity to find a co-founder, because asking a question and thus drawing attention to a request or offer is free here. However, you will need some time, because the question asked must first be found quite well on Google in order to generate interested visitors. Ultimately, it is also a question of taste to make such an explosive and financially important topic accessible to a very broad mass in a community of questions.