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German neo-Nazis receive military training in Russia

The paramilitary training of the German right-wing extremists in a camp in northern Russia includes the handling of weapons and explosives. In addition, the participants are trained for military close combat, as the news magazine "Focus" continues to write, citing security circles. Some of those who came from Germany belong to the "Young Nationalists", the youth organization of the right-wing extremist NPD observed by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, others to the extremist micro-party "Der III. Weg".

Supporters of the right-wing extremist party "Der III. Weg" demonstrate despite Corona on May 1st in Munich

According to "Focus", the operator of the camp with the name "Partizan" near Saint Petersburg is the right-wing extremist "Russian Imperial Movement" (RIM), which, according to its own statements, is fighting for the "dominance of the white race". The US only put them on the list of global terrorist groups in April.

The organization is said to have two training camps near Saint Petersburg. According to Russian media reports, the group of ultra-right Christian Orthodox Russians is classified as extremist in their homeland, but is not prohibited. According to the findings of the security services, many graduates of the training camp, including Finns and Swedes, later join Russian militias in eastern Ukraine.

Right-wing extremists like the neo-Nazi party "Dierechte" here repeatedly report rallies in Germany (archive)

As "Focus" continues, the German security services are informed about the training of right-wing extremists in Russia. For legal reasons, however, they could not prohibit Germans from traveling to Saint Petersburg. At the same time, the authorities assume that Russian President Vladimir Putin is informed about the camps and "at least tolerates them".

In Germany, the right-wing extremist scene is still popular. In 2019, the Office for the Protection of the Constitution added more than 30,000 people to this spectrum. Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer sees right-wing extremism as "currently the greatest threat to our democratic constitutional state".

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