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MX 3, Murex third generation integrated cross-asset trading, processing and risk management platform offers uncompromising specialization and leading functionality in every asset class Based on unique experiences, building integrated platforms and applying new technologies and development methods, our latest introduction , the MX 3 platform, is the best testimony to our commitment to consistent hard work and creativity placed in the service of our customers. Asset Class Coverage Native coverage encompasses several hundred product types on all asset classes, stocks, rates, foreign exchange, credit, macroeconomic derivatives, commodities, hybrid transactions. Portfolio management training. Functionality from price sheets to market data calibration or portfolio management. Structuring sales e-commerce Integration of sales and distribution in post - trading processes. Enterprise-Wide Risk Management The MX 3 platform focuses on a number of market-leading risk components for sound risk management - market risk - credit risk - enterprise limit management and exposure monitoring - collateral management - compliance management - Basel II. Featuring the Dot Three Extension Framework, the MX 3 Architecture Extension capabilities for the internal development of value-added functionality. Key features - Massively scalable - Can be used worldwide - Fully accessible - Expandable by design - Seamlessly connected - Robust - language-independent and ready as standard. These sections include. Product and service specification company profile. Murex offers company-wide, cross-industry financial technology solutions for capital market players. The MX 3 cross-function platform supports trading, treasury, risk and post-trade operations so that customers can better meet regulatory requirements, manage company-wide risk and control IT -Costs. Your next office. Please log in to your next office. bobsguide is a trading name of Myguides Ltd 2017 The primary source for Murex training is MTEK formerly MTEC with extensive training schedule for these courses Please note that both links, schedule and description are completely out of date, but they give an idea of which training courses are up-to-date available at MTEK S1 2015 are available from your MTEK contact person or as a download from the customer zone. In addition, your account manager at Murex organizes on-site training courses on specific topics for you. They also initiate the Webex sessions that take place on rarely requested topics. Tailor-made Murex training, either because MTEK does not offer it or because you want to cover your very specific general requirements or customer-specific aspects, the services of professional contractors can help you inquire about this very knowledge help. I have given training sessions alongside or during my regular work in Murex projects. End-of-day processing and scheduling client-specific courses during the project restructuring of the eod process. MxG2000 accounting module two-day course with an overview and including practice, diagram of accounts mapping, accounting events. Mreport Reporting Module on-the-job training, teaching the practical approach to reporting inquiries from the business. RTI MDCS Market Data Interface Training on the job market to achieve proper RIC creation for unusual instruments. Straight-through processing training on the job. Performance Optimization Murex Environment Tuning Load Balancing Training on the job, make the whole thing go faster. General Murex usage and how-to workshop. Murex Infrastructure Architecture Audit advisory work on how to improve. Murex Eod-of-Day Processing Review Workshop. Other, given by the member organizations, include. Bond setup and processing in Murex MxG2000 and Mx 3rd end user training for front office users including a general Murex overview. FX and FXO focused end-user training for the front office. These training courses can be arranged on your company premises. If you have any questions about these sessions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please do not hesitate to find out about new trainings tailored to your very specific needs. Please note that I cannot train individuals who do not work for Murex clients.If you can give me some pointers on how to get started, if you give me an idea of ​​your background, skills and goals. NB For now, I'm afraid I don't Can give trainings if you are not embedded in long-term project work. Michael Rausch mrausch, last change 30 12 2016. It is an IT application that is used for trading both exchanges Traded and OTC financial securities and derivatives. It is considered one of the leading players in its field and is famous for helping FX Options trading. Its competitors in the industry are Calypso from Calypso Technologies, Front Arena from SunGard, Summit, Mysis, Kondur, WallStreet and a few others. The new entrant in this room is orchestra, from ex Calypso founder. These applications can do two things.1 For Exchange Traded Instruments, trading, position management and post-trade processing are simpler as all trades live One place and give a complete view including analytics to the portfolio manager Post trade processing also includes straight through processing. 2 Valuation of OTC derivatives by building yield curves, dividend curves, credit curves, FX curves, etc. and then using these curves to generate project and discount cash flows. Besides the above two primary functions, they can support collateral management, simulation of positions, limits control such as market risk limits, credit risk limits, book size limits etc. Other supporting functions are reporting, accounting settlements and the connection to other IT applications for seamless processing of Cash and Stocks. 25 3k Views View Upvotes Not for reproduction. You have to be more specific. Murex a snail like sea animal produces a slime that can be processed to make a purple dye for cloth that the royal purple is used by some kings. Murex Petroleum is and oil company based in Houston Texas. Murex SAS Socit Par Actions Simplified in Paris France Sell Finical Services and Software. 768 views Not for reproduction.