What screams old in an interview

Interviews in Corona times? No problem!

Isolation, home office,#stayathome - these are words that you can hardly avoid in the last few days. A pandemic like the one we are currently going through is new territory for all of us. It is our duty to stay home (if it is work possible!) To help contain the COVID-19. This situation literally calls out to sit down in front of the computer - maybe even to look for a new job? You found your dream job, sent your application and you're invited to an interview. Wait a minute, an interview? How is that supposed to work when we are supposed to keep minimum distances, have no contact outside of our family and generally stay at home?

We can communicate without physically sitting across from each other

We are fortunate to live in the 21st century - with many technical possibilities that make our everyday lives easier. So is the application process. In the current situation, it is the most sensible idea to use tools such as Skype, WhatsApp or Google Hangouts to hold conversations over a distance, where you can still see the other person in front of you. It has many advantages and also some disadvantages that shouldn't be given too much weight right now.


  1. The application process continues as normal - there are hardly any restrictions.
  2. You can see your counterpart: facial expressions, gestures and appearance are still perceived through video calls.
  3. Despite great distances, you can hear conversations - you don't have to travel long distances to introduce yourself to a new company.
  4. You can still show work samples or presentations. These can simply be uploaded or sent to the other person via email.


  1. You cannot “smell” your counterpart. So you have to rely on the picture that you have in front of your eyes.
  2. A slow internet connection or a bad microphone can cause problems.
  3. Many applicants do not take a video call very seriously - they pay less attention to their own appearance or the setting.
  4. You can quickly fall into too casual manners because you are in your usual four walls and forget that you are in a formal conversation.

What should you watch out for if you are invited to a job interview via video call?

First: CONGRATULATION! You are one step closer to your dream job. Even if you can probably only fully exercise this after the corona pandemic, you already have the opportunity to secure it for yourself. The appointment for the video call has been made, from the comfort of your own home - but what should you watch out for now?

  1. You are at home, but the conversation should still take place in a serious setting. So get off the cozy sofa and off to your desk. Also, make sure that there are no piles of old laundry in the background or that your ten favorite cuddly toys are not sitting on the shelf. The HR manager sees (almost) everything behind you and will think his part. Also pay attention to good light so that you can be clearly recognized.

  2. Make yourself as chic at home as you would for a personal conversation in a company! Oily hair, old pajamas and chipped nail polish can also be seen and perceived via the webcam. Get ready and dress seriously - this does not mean combining the white blouse with sweatpants, which you can't see under the table anyway. Because: if you dress completely appropriately, it will also affect your psyche. Your facial expressions and gestures also appear more serious. Clothes make the man, even from home!

  3. Check your internet connection before the video call. You are in the middle of a conversation, trying to convince yourself and suddenly the video freezes or breaks off completely - an absolute horror scenario. So make sure you have a good and reliable internet connection. However, if there are any unforeseen issues with it, sincerely apologize to the recruiter and ask that the interview be postponed.

  4. Otherwise: take a deep breath, prepare yourself thoroughly, and act exactly as you would in a physical conversation. Have a glass of water ready so that your voice continues to play along. A coffee is also okay - but NO bag of chips, other treats or even a glass of wine, please!

  5. Your interview will only take place over the phone and without video? Nevertheless, you should stick to all of the above, because the HR manager can hear more from your voice and mood than you think. Pay special attention to your tone of voice and your language of expression - they are the key to success!

What if you are invited to a personal interview?

This case is currently unreasonable, but of course it can still occur. If the HR manager wants to speak to you personally despite the ban on contact, you have the following options to protect yourself:

  1. Avoid shaking hands with the other person. At times like these it is NOT rude and does not say anything about your upbringing. Better to ask yourself if the employer is right for you if they insist on such gestures.

  2. Stay away! Nothing is more important than keeping a large distance - two meters is ideal here. This is also necessary at the moment and has nothing to do with bad behavior.

  3. Maintain good hygiene. Wash and disinfect your hands before and after the interview. Touch as little as possible. If you have to cough or sneeze, turn away and use the crook of your elbow. So you and your counterpart are more protected.

  4. If you feel uncomfortable, ask the HR manager for a video call instead of a physical conversation. In the current situation, this is totally understandable and can also be implemented. If the HR manager is against it despite all the arguments, it is not reprehensible to completely turn down the conversation. Care and respect are currently more important than ever - also in the world of work.

What are you waiting for -get your dream job! Don't let the current restrictions get you down, there is a solution for everything.

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