How many generations of Corvette are there

Chevrolet Corvette from C1 to C7: the history at a glance

With a drag coefficient of 0.34, which is a 24 percent improvement over its predecessor, the C4 Corvette was significantly slimmer and was equipped with a newly developed frame. In the first year, Chevrolet offered the sports car with 205 hp, followed by a more powerful 5.7-liter V8 with 230 hp. In 1986 the convertible returned after a 10-year hiatus.

The 1987 model year had 240 hp and better handling thanks to an optional Z-52 chassis package. Customers with greater power hunger had the opportunity to get a Callaway twin turbo kit from some dealers, which increased the power to 345 hp. Chevy introduced a 35th Anniversary Edition for 1988 and installed double-piston brakes on the front axle as standard. A six-speed manual transmission was introduced in 1989.

1990 was an important year as it marked the launch of the ZR1 with 375 hp from a 5.7 liter V8. In the same year, an airbag for the driver became standard. Up to the end of the series in 1996, there were always improvements: a facelift in 1991, a small-block V8 with 300 hp in 1992 and a special edition painted ruby ​​red in 1993 to celebrate 40 years of the Corvette. Also in this model year, the ZR1 blossomed to 405 hp. In its final year, the C4 produced not only a Collector's Edition, but also a Grand Sport derivative.