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Banksy's Corona painting hits record price

"On National Recollection Day in the UK, Banksy's Game Changer sells for £ 16,758,000," Christie's proudly tweeted, "a new worldwide auction record for the artist." The proceeds of the equivalent of almost 20 million euros will benefit the entire staff of the British health service (NHS).

The estimated value of the painting in black and white before the auction was between 2.9 and 4.1 million euros.

The one-square-meter picture called "Game Changer" has been hanging in a hallway of Southampton's General Hospital since last May. It shows a boy floating a little nurse doll with a mask and superhero cape through the air - while dolls of Superman and Batman have landed in a wastebasket.

Auction planned from the start

In a note to the hospital staff, the British street artist wrote: "Thank you for everything you do." He hopes the picture will "brighten up the place, even if it is only in black and white." It was already clear then that the work would later be auctioned to raise money for the NHS. A reproduction should be preserved in the hospital.

Christie's expert Katharine Arnold described "Game Changer" as a tribute to "everyone who is fighting on the front lines of this crisis worldwide". In the past, works by Banksy, whose identity is known only to the initiated, sometimes reached millions.

Banksy again and again

It wasn't until the beginning of the month that Banksy made a name for itself with a work of art on the brick wall of the former prison in Reading, west of London. A few days after it was discovered, Banksy confessed to the graffito with a video on his Instagram account. The picture, in black and white, shows a man in convict clothing, who rappels on a rope that is knotted together. At the bottom, the improvised rope resembles a long piece of paper with a typewriter dangling from the end.

  • Banksy strikes again

    Man breaks out with a typewriter

    A video posted on Instagram on March 4, 2021 shows the creation of this image on the building in Reading, UK. In March, the Ministry of Justice wants to decide on the future of the former prison, in which the writer Oscar Wilde was once imprisoned. With his picture, Banksy makes a clear statement for the conversion of the ex-jail into a place of art.

  • Banksy strikes again

    A heart-shaped lifebuoy

    A girl with a life jacket and a heart-shaped lifebuoy decorates the side of the "Louise Michel". The street artist Banksy sponsored the rescue ship, painted it and made it available to the German aid organization Sea-Watch. The ship has already saved 89 refugees in the Mediterranean, the organization tweeted. "We are excited about the pink reinforcement!"

  • Banksy strikes again

    The US is on fire

    Banksy believes that not only blacks should fight against racism after the death of George Floyd. At first he thought that he should just shut up and listen to the blacks on this topic, he wrote on Instagram, but then thought back to: "Why should I do that? It's not your problem. It's mine." People of Color would be let down by the "white system".

  • Banksy strikes again

    Thanks to the heroes of the Corona crisis

    Spiderman and Batman are yesterday's heroes, this little boy prefers to play with a nurse in a Superman cloak. With this picture, in early May 2020, Banksy thanked the doctors, nurses and nurses who struggle every day with the corona pandemic in the completely underfunded health system of Great Britain.

  • Banksy strikes again

    Tribute to the homeless

    This Christmassy graffiti created a topic of conversation: It is intended to draw attention to the situation of the homeless. Two flying reindeer appear to be pulling a park bench. In a video that Banksy posted on the Internet, an apparently homeless man is lying on the bench. Fans celebrated Banksy for the socially critical work of art. Meanwhile, strangers have added red noses to the reindeer.

  • Banksy strikes again

    Monkey theater - Made in Britain

    The famous street artist Banksy could not foresee the political chaos that the British Parliament found itself in until recently due to the Brexit debate. In 2009 his painting "Devolved Parliament" was created on this huge canvas (2.8 x 4.5 meters). The picture was auctioned on October 3, 2019 in London - for 9.8 million pounds (around 11 million euros).

  • Banksy strikes again

    Image destruction

    An auction at Sotheby's in London caused a coup once before. After the painting "The Girl With a Balloon" sold for £ 1.2 million, it suddenly began to self-destruct. A shredder was hidden in the lower part of the frame. Only bits and pieces remained. The motif first appeared as a mural in London.

  • Banksy strikes again

    Shop without a buyer

    The amount of millions for which the painting "Devolved Parliament" (2009) has now been auctioned also sparked criticism. There was no information about the buyer. Banksy himself, who has set up this closed shop with art as a current statement in London, posted after the auction that works of art had become the property of the rich instead of "being the common property of humanity."

  • Banksy strikes again

    The World of Banksy

    Banksy is one of the most famous street artists in the world. His true identity is still unclear, at least there is no clear biography about him. Paintings or drawings on paper are rare with him. The British artist anonymously sprays most of his pictures on walls of houses and demolished ruins. These works are not for sale.

  • Banksy strikes again

    Steve Jobs

    A recurring theme in his imagery is global predatory capitalism. Banksy sprayed this mural in the entrance area of ​​the refugee camp in Calais / southern England. You can see the late Apple founder Steve Jobs with his legendary first Mac computer in his luggage. The Apple manager's father came from Syria.

  • Banksy strikes again

    EU dissonance

    With this work, Banksy got involved in the Brexit debate in Great Britain in 2017. This meter-high picture appeared overnight on the wall of a house not far from the Dover ferry terminal: A man is standing on a ladder and is trying to remove one of the EU stars with a hammer and chisel. The picture has now disappeared from the wall. Someone whitewashed it white.

  • Banksy strikes again

    Israeli-Palestinian exchange of blows

    The British street artist has also tackled the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In 2017, Banksy opened a hotel in Bethlehem right next to the barrier wall, which he furnished with his art, with which he wanted to set a "sign of non-violent resistance". Since 2005 he has left many works in the historical place. There is already a "Banksy Tour" for tourists.

  • Banksy strikes again

    War is not child's play

    Banksy's identity remains a mystery to this day. All that is known is that the now world-famous artist comes from Bristol in the south of England. At the end of the 1990s he came to London and began to spray his picture messages on the walls in specific locations, such as here in 2016 in an English primary school in Withchurch.

  • Banksy strikes again

    Global climate crisis

    In his artistic way, Banksy has always been a visionary. In his wall works he often addressed the political problems of the future, such as global warming here. This sprayed message, which could not be clearly assigned to Banksy, was created in London in 2009 - long before US President Trump announced this sentence in all seriousness.

  • Banksy strikes again

    Media criticism

    Banksy also denounces the brutalization of the media world, which is greedy for sensation and pounces on victims of war and terrorist attacks. This work was exhibited in a London gallery in 2018 and not sprayed on a house wall. His painting "Devolved Parliament" is also framed and was valued at an estimate of 1.8 to 2 million euros for the auction at Sotheby's.

    Author: Suzanne Cords, Heike Mund, Stefan Dege

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