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A rifle is a long firearm. Just like a pistol, it fires bullets to hit a target. In contrast to the pistol, however, the shooter holds his rifle with both hands and presses it to his shoulder. He absorbs the recoil with his shoulder: the energy released when the bullet is fired causes the rifle to bang backward with force. This recoil also occurs with the pistol, but it is stronger with the rifle. If the shooter does not absorb the recoil well, he can injure himself. In addition, it will not hit its target exactly because the rifle is moving too much.

A rifle is made up of various components. The long rear part that the shooter presses on the shoulder is the butt. It is mostly made of wood or a metal. The handguard is further forward. This is where the shooter places one hand that he does not need to pull the trigger. The tube that the bullet eventually flies out of is the barrel.

Most rifles can shoot further than a pistol. This is mainly due to the stronger propellant charge. This is encapsulated in a metal shell, the cartridge. The ball is on the front. When you pull the trigger, the propellant charge explodes and drives the bullet forward. The empty shell pokes out of the side of the rifle.

What types of rifles are known?

In this video in an open-air museum, a muzzle-loading shotgun and a muzzle-loading rifle are shown.
A hunter with a hunting rifle
In the biathlon, cross-country skiing and shooting alternate.

On the one hand, one differentiates rifles according to their barrel. In a rifle, the barrel is grooved on the inside. These ensure that the ball rotates as it is chased through the barrel. This twisting effect is called a twist. This gives the ball a more stable trajectory. With a shotgun, on the other hand, the barrel is smooth. A shotgun or shotgun is usually used to shoot shotgun pellets. These are tiny balls that you put into a cartridge made of paper or plastic. When shot, they spread in different directions.

Another distinction is in the way you load the rifle. A rather old-fashioned type of rifle is the muzzle loader. With a muzzle loader, you stuff black powder into the front of the barrel. This serves as a propellant charge. Then a ball is added. A special rod is used for plugging. Muzzle loaders were still widespread until the late 19th century. Today this technology is completely out of date. The effort is too great and it takes far too long to load. Muzzle loaders are only used at special sporting events.

In the case of a single loader or breech loader, the cartridges are used at the rear. To do this, you usually open the rifle and then insert the cartridge by hand. Here, too, you have to reload after a shot.

With a multi-loader, you put several cartridges in a container, a magazine. This is inserted into the weapon from below. However, before each shot you have to pull a loading lever to insert a new cartridge into the barrel.

With a semi-automatic rifle, a cartridge is automatically pushed in after each shot. However, you have to pull the trigger for every shot. With a fully automatic rifle or machine gun, you only have to pull the trigger once, or hold it down, and the gun shoots until the magazine is empty. Semi and fully automatic rifles are needed in the police or in the army.

In addition, rifles are differentiated according to how they are used. A sport rifle is used by a marksman. A hunting rifle from a hunter. These are mostly rifles with an extra long barrel. This allows you to hit precisely even at a great distance. Often there is a telescopic sight above the barrel through which the distant target can be observed.

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