How would you describe the perfect day

What is your perfect day like?

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Dreams aren't just foams, they are an important indicator of things in your life that make you happy. It is therefore worthwhile to take a closer look at them. This is exactly what you do when you think about your perfect day.

Imagine your perfect day
So take some time and imagine what a daily routine might look like on your perfect day. Would you wake up alone or with a partner? What and where would you have breakfast? What place would you live in? What does your apartment / house look like? What would you do in the morning / noon / evening? And how would your perfect day finally end?

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Example of a perfect day
On my perfect day, I wake up at my house on the beach in Ireland. I have breakfast alone on my terrace and after breakfast I ride my brown and white Appaloosa mare along the beach. When I come back, I'll do some gardening before going to my singing class at noon. Then I talk to my family over lunch at "Berry’s Inn". In the evening I lie stretched out on my feel-good carpet, read a nice book, drink hot coconut milk and listen to the rain beating against the window.

Your perfect day could look something like this, but of course it should be a bit more detailed. It is important that you go into detail. Don't just write "on my horse", describe the color, breed, etc. The same goes for any other point you mention. Of course, you should write your perfect day in the first person as in the example.

Once a year, when you have a clear idea of ​​your perfect day, treat yourself to a perfect day by realizing as many details of it as possible.


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