Which Bible do you believe in

What do you think - The Children's Bible Podcast

What do you think the Bible says? Factual reports, heroic stories, legends or even fairy tales? The Bible is not a children's book - no pictures, a lot of text. And yet the stories of the Bible have fascinated young and old for centuries.

In the children's Bible podcast “What do you think?” Susanne Hallmayer and Pastor Susann Kropf approach the secrets of the Bible step by step. The children's Bible podcast is not a radio service or a religion lesson, but tells stories and asks questions. Was the world really created in seven days? Why does God throw Adam and Eve out of Paradise? And where are the dinosaurs? The children's Bible podcast does not aim to teach or convert, but rather to encourage children to reflect on the Bible and its stories and, above all, to encourage them to find their own questions and answers.

Behind the project are three women from Hamburg who, despite their different professional orientations (theology, business administration, media), share the goal and the idea of ​​getting children excited about Bible stories. The podcast is less about religion and church, but primarily about the stories of the Bible, its interpretation and, above all, about what kind of children these stories contain.

In terms of content, the children's Bible podcast works its way through the Bible chronologically and will therefore be on the way in the Old Testament for a long time until the New Testament is reached. From approx. 6 years.